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Why You Need a Houseboat Vacation on Shasta Lake

Why You Need a Houseboat Vacation on Shasta Lake
White Houseboat vacation on the stunning Shasta Lake

A houseboat vacation is just what you need for your next trip. Have you always dreamed of balmy days and miles of blue water? Looking for a lovely lake where you can enjoy the beauty of nature? Want to avoid the crowds and surround yourself with mountains and azure water instead?

Shasta Lake in Northern California ticks all of these boxes. It is second only to Lake Tahoe in size. Boasting 370 miles of pristine shoreline, the lake holds 5,000 gallons of water to every person in the United States.

4 Fantastic Reasons to Rent That Houseboat!

If you are ready to enjoy a vacation jam-packed with wonderful memories, we have the answer. Our helpful team at Bridge Bay Marina is here to make your houseboat vacation dreams happen.

We explain everything before you set sail.

  1. You Can Enjoy Your Ride in Comfort.

  • Find your sea legs on the calm waters of this lake. You won’t get seasick as the lake’s waters are quite peaceful. You and your family will enjoy the spacious accommodation.
  • We configure our houseboats to ensure every inch of space is used. This affords visitors plenty of room to move around.
  • Our houseboats sleep up to 12 people.
  • Book a houseboat for a team building event, large family occasion, or simply to save money on a low-cost, quality vacation.
  • Not only will you get bang for your buck on a houseboat vacation. The beautiful surroundings of lake and mountain are quiet and uncrowded.

Top tip: Get value for money by renting a houseboat during the off-season. Keep an eye out for our special off-season offers.

  1. How Can I Save Money Vacationing This Year?

  • Renting a houseboat this summer can save you money. And the best part? We stock our houseboats with all the comforts of home!
  • Enjoy the convenience of a fully fitted kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Save money by eating in.
  • Or take a Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise for that special occasion on special holidays. Enjoy the buffet-style meals with plenty of variety.
  • Kids enjoy hours of fun swimming. We supply water slides for the more adventurous!
  • Why wait for summer? Our spring, fall and winter vacation special offers give you value for money. Enjoy peace during off-season. Prices are great and the scenery is sublime.
  1. Why It’s So Easy to Rent a Shasta Lake Houseboat

  • Renting your houseboat is one click away. Simply book your dream boat for a memorable holiday online.
  • There’s something for everyone. Bring the whole family for a peaceful, cost-effective luxurious stay.
  • It will only take a couple of minutes to plan your trip, but you’ll leave with a lifetime of memories.
  1. Why Is a Houseboat the Best Way to Explore Shasta Lake?

Hiring a houseboat on Shasta Lake is the best way to explore the lake and its surroundings. Plan adventures around your houseboat adventure. There is so much to see and do.

Here are some insider tips:

  • There are so many opportunities to explore Lake Shasta and the surrounding area. You can hike through dense forests or cool off in the cool blue lake water.
  • The lake is popular for boating. Enjoy a wide range of water sports and fishing. There are plenty of skiing, swimming, and fishing opportunities for water lovers.
  • Land activities include hiking, biking, horse riding, and camping. All are equally popular.
  • A tour of Lake Shasta Caverns is a must. It is only accessible by boat. Be sure to book in advance if you are planning your vacation during the high season.
  • Take the kids to the City of Shasta Lake Parks. This small community of houses has many parks and playgrounds. This is the perfect place for kids to vent their pent-up energy.
  • Enjoy the free 1-hour daily tours of Shasta Dam.

It’s so easy to book your stay with us. Visit Bridge Bay to explore the wide array of houseboats and start planning that dream getaway now!

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