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Digger Bay Slips and Storage


Covered Moorage Rates
10 x 28
$10.00 per ft.
Min. $280/mo
10 x 22
$10.45 per ft.
Min. $230/mo
9 x 22
$10.00 per ft.
Min. $220/mo
House Boat Rates
Bow Tie – H Dock
$6.00 per ft.
Min. $290/mo
Bow Tie with Power – A Dock
$8.25 per ft.
Min. $390/mo
End Tie
$6.50 per ft.
Min. $390/mo
End Tie w/Power
$8.75 per ft.
Min. $390/mo
Miscellaneous Rates
Daily Parking (non-rental customers)
$15.00 per day
Prior to the boat entering the slip you must have the following:

Moorage application, a picture of the boat, current certificate of insurance with a minimum $300,000 liability limit listing “Peloria Bridge Bay LLC” as additional insured, and current vessel and trailer registration.

Hours: Please contact Bridge Bay at 530-275-3021 and Digger Bay at 530-275-3072 for more information.