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Howard Weinberg, CEO of Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake

Houseboating is the quintessential “Americana” vacation. It allows us to travel back to simpler times when an outdoor vacation was not interrupted by the technology of today’s world. Houseboating is camping on the water. At Shasta lake, in particular, you can depart from Bridge Bay marina on a houseboat that comfortably sleeps 10 people – and then cruise up one of the arms of Shasta Lake to a cove, where you can dock on the shore and spend several days enjoying Shasta Lake and the Shasta/Trinity National Forest.

There are over 300 miles of shoreline on Shasta Lake, and each houseboat can find a private cove to be alone.

The days are spent enjoying the water with ski boats, water skiing, wake boarding, rafting, stand Up Paddle Board, Jet skis, swimming. Fishing is a big pastime as well.

Families can come together and spend time connected in a way not possible in the city. We market the time on Shasta Lake with phrases such as Disconnect to Reconnect and Unplug to Recharge. We believe that families can really reclaim the special bonds of parent-child and siblings amongst themselves when there is little to do but recreate, play board games, read, watch the stars, sit by a campfire – and generally enjoy the lake.

Yes – we have a military discount of 15%.