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Houseboat FAQ

How long will our orientation be?

Orientations range from 1-2 hours, depending on how many questions you have an how much houseboating experience you have. Orientations for your trip are on a first come/first serve basis starting at 7 a.m. during summer season and 8 a.m. during value season.


How much gas and oil will the houseboat consume?

The engine consumption of gas may range from 6-8 gallons per hour, depending on size of houseboat, traveling speed, weight and weather conditions. The 2 cycle houseboat engine consumes 3 to 4 gallons of oil for each 200 gallons of gasoline used. The generator consumption of gas can range more or less 2 gallons per hour depending on the size of houseboat, plug ins, air conditioning and heater usage.


May we transport our personal watercraft on the deck of the houseboat?

No. PWC’s are not permitted on the houseboats, as they damage the houseboat deck. Any damage caused by putting a PWC on the deck will be charged against the damage deposit.


May I bring my own supply of fuel on my houseboat?

No. Because of our concern for the safety of our customers, we must require that no containers of fuel be brought aboard any type of boat. No exceptions.


Are there any precautions I should take regarding carbon monoxide emission?

On your Bridge Bay Resorts houseboat you may have a variety of engines to either propel the boat or to provide 110 volt AC electrical power for your convenience.

All the engines on your houseboat produce carbon monoxide when in operation. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, lighter than air and is poisonous to all warm-blooded animals and to many other forms of life.

When inhaled, it produces symptoms of headache, nausea or fatigue followed by unconsciousness and possible death. The carbon monoxide exhaust on your houseboat is emitted from the exhaust pipe of the generator on the rear side of the pontoon and from the rear of either the I/O engine or the outboard motor at the stern of the houseboat.

For your safety, we must insist that all of the houseboat passengers and crew members refrain from swimming at or near the exhaust ports when the engines (generator-outboard-inboard) are running. Please read and heed all signage on the houseboat concerning the danger of carbon monoxide gases.


What kind of refrigerators are on the houseboat?

Unlike the one in your home, the 8 cubic foot refrigerator on board must be lightweight and operate on propane, not electricity. Because of this, the manufacturer uses less insulation; therefore, the refrigerators don’t run as cold as your home unit.

When temperatures reach 95° or higher, we recommend using ice chests with regular or dry ice for products that are perishable, such as meat and dairy products (dry ice not available at resorts).

We recommend you use the refrigerator for other food products, such as fruit and vegetables.

Be sure to use frozen ice packs (e.g. Blue Ice) or put food in ziplock bags to keep melting ice out of food stored in the ice chest.


What about bed linens and pillows?

We do not offer linen “rental” packages. We do offer inexpensive bed rolls, pillows and towels for sale in our retail stores.


Why should I get houseboat rental insurance?

At Bridge Bay Resorts our goal is to do all we can to see that you and your companions have a safe and carefree vacation. This is why we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance or verify that your own policy covers you in the event of an accident.

Some homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies extend liability coverage to include incidents occurring during the rental of a houseboat, but many policies do not. Therefore, we encourage you to check with your insurance agent to determine whether or not your liability coverage includes the operation or rental of a houseboat.

If you have rented a houseboat from us before, you may have purchased the Limited Damage Waiver, which offers limited coverage for damage or loss to the houseboat under some circumstances. The Limited Damage Waiver is not insurance, and it does not cover all damage or loss; for example, it does not cover damage or loss caused by negligence, it does not cover any property other than the boat and inventory you rented from Bridge Bay Resorts, and it does not include liability coverage for you, your passengers, or any other parties.

If you would like the added protection of liability insurance, or you find that your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy does not cover your rental, you may purchase houseboat renter’s insurance from Boater’s Insurance Agency, or the agency of your choice. The Boater’s Insurance Agency policy can be purchased on a daily basis, just like car rental insurance, and includes both bodily injury and property damage coverage.

You may complete an application online at www.boatersinsurance.com. A representative of Boater’s Insurance Agency will be happy to discuss rental coverage with you. They can be reached at 800-344-7488.


Are bonfires permitted?

If you want to build a bonfire on Lake Shasta, you must first obtain a (free) campfire permit from the Forest Service at 530/275-1587. Or, you may obtain a permit on the dock at Bridge Bay or Digger Bay.

For Lake Mohave, please check with the National Park Service at (702) 293-8990 orwww.nps.gov for current guidelines.


Are personal watercraft permitted on Lake Mohave?

Personal watercraft are allowed on 95% of Lake Mohave. Please check with the National Park Service at (702) 293-8990 or www.nps.gov for current guidelines.


Are there any fees or permits required by the National Park Service?

In the spring of 2000, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area inaugurated visitor entrance stations and began charging entrance and lake use fees for vehicles and motorized vessels.

The entrance stations offer many benefits to the visitors, including a unique opportunity to inform everyone about the park facilities, programs, safety and services. In addition, the entrance stations offer a chance to collect user fees, assisting the Park Service in maintaining existing infrastructures and updating facilities as necessary.

The economic benefit further enhances the Park Service’s effort to make Lake Mohave a desirable destination for everyone’s vacation or day trip. What is most significant is that the Park itself will be able to retain 80% of what is collected in order to address the Recreational Areas’ critical needs.

User Fees:

    • * $3.00 per person (1-5 days)
    • * $5.00 per vehicle (1-5 days) No person limit in vehicle
    • $20.00 per vehicle (annual pass)
    • * $10.00 for 1st vessel (1-5 days)
    • * $5.00 for each additional vessel (1-5 days)
    • $20.00 per year, 1st vessel (annual pass)
    • $10.00 per year, each additional vessel (annual pass)

*NOTE: the above rate doubles when staying longer than 5 days up to 10 days. If you have any questions, please contact the National Park Service: (702) 293-8907. Fees subject to change.

Special Use Permits:

Any organized group who rents houseboats for a special event is now required to obtain a Special Use Permit from the National Park Service. This includes church groups, clubs, youth groups, etc. This does not include family reunions or just families who happen to get together for a vacation on the lake.

To obtain a Special Use Permit for Lake Mohave, please contact: Susan Wagner, Program Analyst, Ranger Division (702) 293-8948.


Do you offer gift certificates?

A houseboat vacation makes a great gift! Call our reservations department at 800-752-9669 for gift certificate information.


Can we bring our dog with us on the houseboat ?

YES, dogs are welcome on board all Seven Crown Resorts’ houseboats at no extra charge. We suggest you outfit Fido with a canine life preserver.


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