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Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake Moorage

Bridge Bay offers the most convenient small boat and houseboat moorage on Shasta Lake. We provide year-round boat slips and storage in a safe, central location, just off of I-5 in Redding, California. Apart from our landmark setting, we also have the lake’s largest marina and our launch ramps are from the very center of Shasta Lake making it a very easy reach to any arm of the lake.

For more information on how to sign up for Moorage, call us at 530-275-3021 or send us an email at moorage@bridgebayboats.com.


Moorage FAQs:


Who do I contact for current availability and pricing?

Please contact Bridge Bay Marina at Shasta Lake by calling (530) 275-3021 and select the moorage option in the phone menu.

What information must I provide prior to signing a moorage contract?

You will need to provide a picture of your boat, the valid Vessel Certificate of Number for the vessel, the declarations page of your valid insurance policy showing a minimum $300,000 in Property Damage Liability, and “Peloria Bridge Bay LLC listed as additional interest insured.

Can I have my Moorage rent automatically deducted from my credit or debit card each month?

Yes, this can be setup with the card of your choice at the time of signing a contract. If you already have a moorage slip with us, call our office and we can set it up for you right over the phone.

When is my bill due?

Statements are sent out approximately one to two weeks prior to their due date and are considered late after the fifth of the month.

How long do I have to agree to moor my boat at Bridge Bay?

All Moorage Contracts are on a Month-to-month basis. We do require a 30-day written notice for canceling your moorage account at Bridge Bay. The notice of cancellation must be signed and dated and include the date the slip will be vacated. On the day you vacate the slip, please check out at the Moorage Office to initiate final paperwork and turn in your parking permit(s). Once checked out, please allow up to 60 days to process any deposit refunds if necessary.

How many parking passes do I get when I sign up for a Moorage Slip?

Guests Mooring a “small boat” on Marinas 1 or 2 get 1 Parking Pass with their moorage slip. Guests Mooring a Houseboat on Marinas 1 through 5 get 2 parking passes with their slip.

Do your Houseboat moorage slips provide power?

Houseboats on Marinas 3, 4, and 5 do have power. Guests on these Marinas will be responsible for payment of power used and will be added to your monthly statement each month. End Tie Houseboats slips on Marinas 1 and 2 do not have power.

Do your Small Boat Moorage Slips provide power?

No, Marinas 1 and 2 are not equipped for power to the vessels.

Can I reserve a slip in advance?

Unfortunately, we are unable to reserve or hold slips. They are strictly on a first come, first served basis with no waiting list.

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