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A Bucket List Vacation on Shasta Lake!

A Bucket List Vacation on Shasta Lake!
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Shasta Lake, the vacation where dreams come true! Shasta Lake is a truly magical holiday destination. Northern California is one of those best-kept secrets just waiting for discovery.

A Shasta Lake boating trip has something special for everyone, including:

  • Anglers,
  • Bird enthusiasts,
  • Adrenaline junkies,
  • Kids,
  • And even the big kids!

We cater to all tastes!

Catch a fish and have a barbeque, or camp under a star-spangled sky. Get up close and personal with nature like never before. Is it waterfalls that tick your boxes? Or is it a view from a mountain waiting for discovery? We have all that and more.

Find out everything about Shasta Lake

You will soon be coming back for an encore.  Pack the kids, bikes, fishing rods, and binoculars. Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

Get flexible and book your houseboat during the off-season. Every season of the year is a perfect time for exploring!  Discover the beauty of a quiet holiday during the off-season months. Enjoy miles of pristine blue waters and majestic mountains forming a backdrop. Bike and hike through trails of lush, dense forests.

Shasta Lake has it all and then some. Rent a houseboat and use it as a base to explore the surrounding areas.

Don’t Forget Your Fishing Gear

The cooler months on Shasta Lake welcome a bountiful fishing season. From salmon to bass, the fish tend to congregate in the center of the lake and are easily seen near the surface of the water. What better way to end a successful day fishing than sharing a fish barbeque under the stars?

Sleeping Under the Stars and Sharing Tales Around a Campfire

Cozy up under the stars with the kids and houseboat neighbors. Nothing spells sociable quite as loudly as a houseboat vacation filled with friendly folk. It’s time to say howdy neighbor and invite folks and their kids for a barbeque.

Pack the camping gear and get up close and personal with the kids on the shores of Shasta Lake. Pack sleeping gear, tents and warm clothes. (Don’t forget the hot chocolate!)

A houseboat any time of the year is the perfect excuse to take the family on a memorable outdoor adventure. Memories won’t get much better than these.

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

The temperatures get quite chilly in the early mornings and when the sun dips beneath the water. Ensure you pack a couple of layers. Days are warm, but nights on the water are quite nippy. Pack the kids a few extra things to make it a comfortable experience all round.

Luckily, you will never have to face icy weather and snow during the cooler California months. The days are balmy with temperatures averaging from a low of 41 – 45 degrees, to highs of 60 degrees during spring. During the month of May, expect temperature lows of 45 – 55 degrees and highs of 63 – 79 degrees.

Exploring the Shasta Caverns Is a Must!

Did you know you could only reach the caverns via boat? How about visiting the Shasta Dam? Both are thrilling experiences. Get your slice of paradise in this beautiful part of California.

Shasta Lake boasts nearly 370 miles of shoreline overflowing with hiking trails and secluded coves. The deep red dirt strikes a contrast to the azure waters of the pristine lake. Shasta Lake is the best place to get escape city life.

A stone’s throw from the throb of traffic and bright city lights – find your inner peace in a place that offers it all.

We Show You How It’s Done

Book your home away from home today. Your unforgettable Shasta Lake houseboat vacation is waiting to welcome you. Save dollars and book a trip of a lifetime. Spring, summer, fall or winter, anytime is a great time!

For every season there is a memory waiting for you. Book now and find out what your vacation has in store for you.

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