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Bridge Bay Resort: The Perfect Kid-Friendly Getaway!

Bridge Bay Resort: The Perfect Kid-Friendly Getaway!
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The kids will love coming to Bridge Bay Resort, nestled right on Shasta Lake. Very little can beat the thrill of a houseboat vacation. It’s time to create unforgettable memories with our range of houseboats. Thrill the entire family with a picture-perfect Shasta Lake vacation in Northern California.

It’s time to book your houseboat and delight the crew. Plan something special for every day away. There’s no time for boredom to set in. Ask the kids which activities they would love to do. Then plan your vacation around these ideas. Spend hours of fun exploring the surrounding forests and mountains. And don’t forget the board games!

Pack the fishing rods, hiking boots, and binoculars. Make this one of the best family vacations ever. Ensure you fill your break with plenty of outdoorsy fun. Make it educational and teach the kids about the history of French Gulch.

Camping, hiking, swimming, and cookouts under the stars. Life cannot get better than this!

Delight the entire family with an itinerary overflowing with fun things to do. The kids will enjoy every minute, and so will you. The secret is in the planning. Keep the kids entertained from the minute you book your houseboat until you return.

Some of the fun things at Bridge Bay Resort on Shasta Lake include:

  • Water sports: Be sure to rent one of our houseboats with water slides. The kids and the young at heart will have hours of fun in the water. Rent jet skis, a tube, or just take a refreshing dip.
  • Treat your houseboat as your base and explore, explore, explore. The mountains and the forests are there for you to discover. Plan hikes into the forests. Pack the sunscreen, hats, and comfy shoes. Remember to take plenty of water and an emergency first-aid kit, too.
  • Discover the splendid Burney Falls and Castle Crags.
  • Camp on the shores of Shasta Lake under a star-studded sky. Eat s’mores and more around a campfire.

How Best to Prepare for a Fool-Proof Vacation with Kids:

The fun starts long before departing from the marina. Here are a few helpful hints to ensure your Shasta Lake vacation is a resounding success, not only for the kids, but for the entire family!

Remember to Pack the Fishing Gear, Bikes, and Toys.

The weather in California is sublime throughout the year, but you might encounter the odd bad-weather day.

Pass the time playing board games with the kids. Pack books and crafts to keep everyone busy. Bring along some of your tried and tested recipes. Bake cookies in the well-fitted onboard kitchen.

Who doesn’t enjoy pancakes for breakfast? Teach the kids and get them involved.

Why It’s Important to Pack the Right Clothes for All Ages

Ensure the kids are comfortable no matter what the weather is. Pack warm clothes for chilly mornings and nights during the spring, fall and winter months. Remember comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and sun hats to make hikes and walks comfy.


  • Prevention is always better than a cure. Be sure to make the kids cover up when it’s hot outside. You can still get a sunburn on cloudy days!
  • Layering is a great way for everyone to be comfortable on exploring expeditions. Being on Shasta Lake, you will DEFINITELY get up close and personal with nature. Planning a hike? Be sure to get the kids to wear long sleeves, socks, and long pants. This will prevent bites and burns.
  • Some items a parent must pack for the little ones include hats, socks, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants. Shorts are not ideal for these activities. Pack the right shoes both for walking and swimming.
  • Swimming gear and diapers are a must. Pack toys for water fun such as tubes, floats and noodles.

How To Make Kids Feel Secure When on Vacation

Little kids love routine. Be sure to bring along a couple of favorite activities when away from home.

Pack their favorite bedtime blankets, toys, and stories. Keeping their routine as close to home as possible makes them happy and feeling safe.

Bridge Bay Resort at Shasta Lake Makes Holiday Dreams Come True

Shasta Lake is waiting to make that dream destination happen for kids and adults. Make memories with the kids with an adventure-packed experience.

Book now for the ultimate trip discovering Shasta Lake.

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