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The World’s Your Oyster at Shasta Lake!

The World’s Your Oyster at Shasta Lake!
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Rent a Houseboat on Shasta Lake for Your Vacation of a Lifetime!

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to head to the great outdoors. Shasta Lake is renowned for its pristine beauty. There is so much to see and do for the whole family!

We believe the most enjoyable activity is to rent a houseboat. Enjoy the comforts of home. Plus, you have easy access to the water. Right on your doorstep!

Rental companies such as ours rent out a wide range of boats at Shasta Marina. We do this throughout the spring and summer months. Boat rentals are available throughout the year for the ideal lake vacation. Rent a boat to suit your needs. We offer a range of sizes and styles to suit your houseboat vacations. There’s a boat for everyone and every family.

Handy Tips for The First-Timer

Are you a first-timer? No problem! Here are a couple of hints to get you the perfect vacation and the right boat. If you have never rented a houseboat before, familiarize yourself with the different ones offered. We provide photos and lists and show you the various options and layouts.

It is important to navigate your way around boating basics before renting and familiarize yourself with safety protocols.

  • Always choose a boat size that will best fit your needs.
  • Make sure that the boat will fit everyone in your party, and then some!
  • Ask as many questions as you can now so that there is only smooth sailing later (pun intended)
  • Are there any extras included?

What makes Shasta Lake an Exceptional Destination?

Shasta Lake’s blue waters are famous for its water sports and fishing opportunities. It is a laid-back getaway for the whole family. The toughest part of booking your vacation might be which boat is best suited to your needs. What ride is going to give you an unforgettable adventure?

1. Boat Options for the Intrepid Sailor

The world’s your oyster when picking a boat for a Shasta Lake vacation. This especially applies to the holiday harbor. Spring weather is idyllic and offers visitors the best lakeside getaway.

Here’s What You Should Know:

  • Houseboats are affordable and available in a wide range of sizes.
  • They offer you and your family a home away from home.
  • Choose the one best for the entire family and enjoy the calm waters of this beautiful spot.
  • Just pack your food and clothes.  This is all you’ll need with our fully stocked and furnished houseboats.
  • Reach out to your boat company prior to your trip. This will help finalize any last-minute details and questions you might need answered.

2. Fishing Boats for The Angling Enthusiast

Best known for its fishing throughout the year, anglers visit Shasta Lake for its abundance of delectable catches.

Common fish species include rainbow trout, brown trout, and king salmon. All are pretty popular!

Your fishing boat comes complete with enough room for five passengers. Fishing boats have a 16’ aluminum V-hull and a 15 hp outdoor motor.

3. Get Your Adrenaline Going with a Waverunner

What better way than to explore the shores of Lake Shasta than with a thrilling Waverunner jet ski? For the adrenaline junkie, the Waverunner is a must. Enjoy speeding in style with all the latest features.

4. Enjoy the View with a Patio Boat

A day out on the lake in a patio boat is ideal for a relaxing time, cruising with friends or family. Patio Boats fit nine people. Pop your snacks and drinks in the 152 – quart ice chest.

5. Ski Boats and Other Small Craft for Fun

A ski boat makes for a great day’s fun. Fitted with a 150hp outboard motor, these boats are perfect for water sports.

We Help You Make Memories!

We help make memories. Bridge Bay has something special for everyone. We offer a broad spectrum of boats for your Shasta Lake adventure. Rent budget-friendly houseboats for your annual lake vacation today!

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