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Ways to Save Money on a Shasta Lake Vacation

Ways to Save Money on a Shasta Lake Vacation

Shasta Lake is already well known as an affordable yet enticing vacation destination. With hundreds of miles of waterfront providing the backdrop and the entertainment, it’s easy to enjoy plenty of budget-friendly adventures while creating a lifetime of family memories.

But if you want to ensure you get the most vacation for your dollar, and you love to find ways to extend those savings even further, there are lots of ways to save extra funds while planning your Shasta Lake vacation.

Consider the following money-saver tips, tricks, and guidelines to ensure you have plenty of leftover vacation funds for souvenirs, excursions, or just an extra night or two enjoying the always stunning Shasta Lake.

1. Opt for a Houseboat

A houseboat is a great way to see as much as possible while on a budget, as everything you need for a relaxed and accommodating stay is already on board.

From cozy bedrooms to comfortable living, dining and kitchen areas, you always have all the comforts of home. As well as the opportunity to explore as much of the Shasta Lake scene as you’d like!

2. Plan Family Meals at Home

Dining out can take a good chunk out of a vacation budget. But if you stay on a houseboat, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to cut these expenses by dining at home.

Bring along plenty of quick and easy meals, like sandwiches, breakfast staples, and pantry items, to save tons of funds on food throughout your trip.

3. Keep Your Foot off the Gas Pedal

A houseboat is all about slowing down, relaxing, and enjoying the scene. So, use as little gas as possible to extend your fuel budget.

Now you have time to actually pause and take in all the beauty that Shasta Lake offers around every corner!

Best of all, by taking it slow, it’s much easier to unwind and get into a vacation state of mind.

4. Make It a Family or Friend Affair

When it comes to houseboats, multiple folks can join in on the vacation and can still enjoy plenty of room!

So instead of booking several motel rooms, pool your party’s resources and opt for a larger houseboat that can comfortably accommodate up to 13 people.

By inviting more friends and family members, and splitting the ensuing costs, you’ll enjoy savings on your vacation accommodations right off the bat.

5. Look into the Value Seasons

Shasta Lake is always a hopping destination in the summer season, but the fall and spring seasons are both magical times of year that often offer reduced rates.

Enjoy fewer crowds, spring blooms or fall foliage, exceptional fishing, and the same waves of area attractions and activities, all at a beautifully reduced price so you can save money.

We Can Help

Are you ready to save money? A Shasta Lake vacation is enticing for families of all varieties, simply because it’s:

  • Affordable.
  • Unique.
  • Absolutely gorgeous in every direction.

And from planning and cooking your own meals, to opting to explore the lake in the offseason, there are plenty of easy ways that families can save extra vacation funds while enjoying one of the most scenic destinations that northern California has to offer. Give us a call!

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