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What Food to Take Along on a Houseboat Trip

What Food to Take Along on a Houseboat Trip

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Vacationing is no different. The heart of your trip revolves around meals and food. It is certainly one of the most pleasurable aspects of making holiday memories.

Make your vacation a food-friendly one. Start off by compiling extensive lists. Ensure you don’t spend ALL your vacation time cooking. Pack smart so mom can also have a well-deserved break. Listing an extensive food menu for each day with all the ingredients is a clever meal planning hack. Remember to pack fresh fruit and plenty of bottled water, too.

Why Food Should Be Fun and Not a Chore This Summer

One of the most pleasurable aspects of vacationing on Shasta Lake is preparing food. It is also cooking the food. This allows for quality time in a homely setting. Dine on the deck and take in the panoramic vistas of mountains and the lake. Nothing quite beats waterfront dining with your loved ones!

Renting a Shasta Lake houseboat has all the conveniences of a gourmet kitchen. All you need to bring is the ingredients and spices. You can cook almost anything on your houseboat vacation.

What Snacks Must I Bring for a Happy Houseboating Vacation?

  • Microwaved popcorn is great. It is cheap and mess-free to make. It takes about five minutes to pop in the microwave oven and add a few toppings to jazz it up. Make enough for everyone to enjoy with drinks and cocktails. Enjoy popcorn snacks on the deck after a busy day exploring, fishing, and swimming.
  • Trail mix is great for snacking and perfect as a pick-me-up. Pack healthy trail mix in little containers. Get your family to help make their own. Trail mix is great for day hikes and snacks for exploring the trails around Shasta Lake. It is also great as a breakfast substitute. Make your own with nuts, raisins, oatmeal, chocolate bits, and dried fruit.
  • Don’t forget to pack the fruit. Fruit is reasonably priced, convenient and healthy for everyone. Fruits such as apples, oranges, berries, bananas and grapes are easy to grab as a snack. Plus, fruit is jam-packed with protein, calcium and all the vitamins your family needs.

Breakfast: The #1 Meal of the Day

Have you ever heard the term, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” It’s really true! Fuel up before a long day of hiking, swimming, and other fun adventures on your houseboat.

Bring Along These Top Breakfast Options:

Pack energy and cereal bars, cereals, eggs, and bacon. Remember hearty sides like sausage and oatmeal. Grab all the ingredients to make mom’s famous pancakes. Scrambled eggs also provide a ton of protein and energy for physical activities. They’re easy to put together in a pinch, too!

Why Quick and Easy Lunches Work Best

  • Pack plenty of green ingredients. This is a great time for healthy salads. Stock up the refrigerator with plenty of veggies and green leafy things.
  • Sandwiches and chips are quick and easy. Keep everything handy in the refrigerator for a quick lunch. Add chips to complete the meal.
  • Mason jar salads are a great option. Layer mason jars with cheese, chopped vegetables, nuts and eggs. Make your own dressings to complete these before dishing up.
  • Hamburgers and hot dogs are great comfort food options for all age groups. Barbequing under the stars is the best (and easiest) way to cook on a houseboat.

All of these foods are equally great for lunch and dinner.

Make Your Evening Meal an Easy Affair

Some easy dinner options include quesadillas, steak and potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. You don’t need to make gourmet meals. Quick meals can go a long way to satisfy a hungry family. Grilling a couple of steaks and burgers paired with a side salad and carb makes a complete and balanced meal.

Book Your Shasta Houseboat Early for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

Summer is here and booking your Shasta Houseboat is essential. It is the best option for saving money while spending quality time with the family.

Find out which boat suits you and your family best by contacting us today! Book your houseboat now and don’t forget the lists. Lists for food and lists for fun activities and water toys. Do the shopping and pack well. Then sit back and enjoy a fine sunset with Mount Shasta as the perfect backdrop.


Top Menu Ideas for Your Houseboat Vacation

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