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5 Essentials to Make Toddler House Boating Fun

5 Essentials to Make Toddler House Boating Fun

What Does Your Next Summer Vacation Look Like?

 Kids and pets are part of our lives. Planning a vacation around them is what we automatically do. But how safe is a houseboat for little ones who are toddler-age, and what can we do to make it a fantastic, but safe summer?

 5 Things You Need for Your Essential Holiday Toddler Kit

 Here are 5 tips for your next houseboat vacation. Make it a toddler and kid-friendly experience. A houseboat with kids is a fun way to while away balmy summer days.

  1. Sunscreen Makes a Huge Difference on Vacation

The number one thing you want to avoid on vacation is sunburn. Kids and adults alike need to wear sunblock all the time, even on cloudy days.

The secret is to reapply plenty of sunscreen on the hour, every hour. Do this when you are on or in the water. Swimming, boating, water skiing, or hiking. These are activities that call for the continuous use of sunblock. Remember to pack sunblock with a high enough SPF factor. This will give you and your family excellent protection from the sun.

Toddlers have little bodies. They burn quickly in the scorching summer sun. Avoid the discomfort of sun burn for a happy, sunburn-free summer.

  1. Drinking Enough Water on Hot Days is SO Important

Staying hydrated both inside and outside the water is essential. Everyone, from tiny tots to older adults, needs to drink enough liquids during hot summer days.

Buy each child a special water bottle to make it a fun experience. They can decorate their bottles with stickers and stencils. This is a great way to keep them happily hydrated. Make these fun bottles part of their houseboat vacation memories.

  1. Sun Tents: A Useful Vacation Accessory

Monitoring a couple of kids is difficult, especially if there is a range of ages. A little sun tent is the perfect trip accessory for keeping junior out of the blistering sun.

Sun tents are great for houseboat holidays and are easy to pack. They take up very little room. Invest in the pop-up type for convenience.

  1. Flashlights are a Fun Item for Toddlers

Not only is a flashlight a significant item to keep little people busy at night. It is a comforting item for toddlers when visiting unfamiliar places.

Camping on the shores of Shasta Lake is a great idea for everyone, but junior might find it a little daunting when it gets dark and quiet.

The flashlight will make it a pleasant, fun experience.

  1. Make it Christmas in July

Celebrate Christmas in July houseboat-style this summer! Buy the kids a couple of Christmas-themed toys and/or crafs and entertain them for hours on end. Be sure to pack new water toys. A few red and green squirt guns, noodles, and beach balls are all fun ways to keep everyone busy. It need not cost a fortune, either. Hit the dollar stores and stock up for the big adventure!

Don’t forget the board games and books either.

 Book the Big Houseboat Adventure Today for Some Serious Fun!

Bridge Bay Marina on Shasta Lake unpacks fun holiday memories. Toddlers are as important as everyone else in the family. Keep it light, keep it fun, and remember to keep it safe for everyone.

A luxury houseboat with water slides is a great option. Book your houseboat holiday today for an amazing experience.

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