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Hiking Trails Around Shasta Lake: Part I

Hiking Trails Around Shasta Lake: Part I

There’s so much to see and so much to do when house boating on Shasta Lake, and the hiking trails are hard to beat. Hiking is a popular activity enjoyed by houseboat vacationers of all ages. Make your houseboat your base and explore the surrounding hiking trails.

Access to hiking trails at Shasta Lake are open all year, but it is best to hike them in the spring and fall.

Quick Tips:

  • If you choose to hike these trails in the summer, be sure and take plenty of water. Summer heat is quite severe in this area and there is no drinking water available.
  • Pets are allowed in the recreation areas unless posted. They must be on a leash when in a developed site.
  • Use Caution: There are some steep drop-offs along this trail so be careful.

Free Your Life from The Clutter and Noise in Northern California

Hikers enjoy spending time up close and personal to nature. Reward your loved ones with a scenic hike and incredible views of Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Shasta Forest is best known for its healing powers. Enjoy the abundance of water flowing into the pristine rivers and lakes. This is an idyllic setting for the perfect summer hike.

Discover the dense forests and cool mountain pools on a warm summer’s day. Whether it is a weekend or an entire summer on Shasta Lake, there is a little something for everyone. Camping on the shores of Shasta Lake, fishing, hiking, and swimming. It’s all there waiting for you to discover.

Must-Try Hiking Trails in Shasta-Trinity National Forest

  1. Bailey Cove Hike

Hikers can easily complete the Bailey Cove Hike in 1 to 2 hours. This entire route is only 3.1 miles long and is only moderately difficult. Take the kids and dogs along on this lush, looped trail.

Remember, dogs need to be on a leash. And take plenty of water to keep hydrated. Slather on the sunscreen and wear hats to avoid nasty sunburn on your hike. Protein or granola bars are a great idea. Make sure you pack in plenty of these to maintain energy levels in the heat.

The Bailey Cove Trail is very popular amongst hikers of all ages. Savor the natural, lush surroundings. Enjoy nature at its best as you make your way along Shasta Lake’s lovely shoreline. Enjoy the lush colors and sweet birdsong along the way.

Pack your bathing suit to cool off in the blue waters of the lake. Shasta Lake is famous for its houseboat rental options.

  1. Castle Lake Trail

Bring the dogs and the kids on your Castle Lake Trail. The average trail is about 3.2 miles and moderately difficult.

Discover the 3 awe-inspiring lakes of Shasta Forest. These are Heart Lake, Little Castle Lake, and Castle Lake! If you love wildflowers, pine forests, and majestic views of the glimmering lake, just wait until you see this.

The end of the trail is steep. Listen out for the gurgling waters of streams flowing into the lake. Take a refreshing dip in the water before heading back home.

There are many other wonderful hikes for outdoor enthusiasts surrounding Shasta Lake!

Book Your Shasta Lake Houseboat and Get Ready to Take a Hike!

Find out more about beautiful day hikes. Learn more about the beautiful forests around Shasta Lake this summer. Spend lazy days on one of our wide selection of houseboats swimming in the clear lake water. Or put your hiking boots on and pack your binoculars for some serious outdoor fun.

End the day under the stars, sharing a barbeque and camping with the kids. You’ll be coming back for an encore year after year. Summer’s here. Make the most of your time after the pandemic.

Book your Shasta Lake Houseboat today and enjoy downtime this summer unpacking some of Northern California’s beautiful hiking trails.


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