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Celebrating July 4th on Shasta Lake

Celebrating July 4th on Shasta Lake

Heading to the lake on July 4th? Great choice! Learn more about the exciting activities you and your family can enjoy at and near Bridge Bay Resort.

Shasta Lake 4th of July Fireworks Display 

After a hiatus during Covid, The 4th of July Shasta Lake celebrations will go ahead. However, it largely depends on the weather. 

Mount Shasta Community Fireworks has a long-standing tradition that stretches over 4 decades. This non-profit organization first launched its fireworks on the northern shores. These are on the sandy shores belonging to the Lake Siskiyou Meadow area.

The park was developed almost 20 years ago. It is now referred to as Spini Point. With a wonderful beach, Spini Point is the perfect launching site for a fireworks display. The area attracts much attention from both locals and visitors.  

What to Expect from the Mt. Siskiyou Fireworks Display

The venue for the fireworks display is taking play at Shastice Park this year. Attendees can enjoy cool music, vendors, and eye-popping fireworks. Keep in mind, this is all dependent on the go-ahead given by the fire chief.

Shastice Park is our brand-new venue. Although some might be a little disappointed it’s not on the shores of Shasta Lake, it will still be a lot of fun. There’s so much for the whole family to do.

Mount Shasta Community Fireworks History

The Mount Shasta Community Fireworks Corporation was created in 2013. There are 5 directors on the board, and 20 enthusiastic volunteers.

In the past, they were a subsidiary of the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce. But, at their request, the Mount Shasta Community Fireworks Corporation formed their own organization. The idea behind forming their own committee was to better organize this popular event.

The annual fireworks draw crowds from far and wide. The net stretches beyond the Siskiyou County. This is to Southern Oregon, Redding, and even the San Francisco Bay Area.

What Can We Expect on the Actual Day? 

The annual run and walk event on the morning of the 4th of July is still a virtual event. But the downtown street fair and parade are on the agenda.

The committee raises funds each year for one of the finest events in the district. This year funds for the tradition have tallied up. The committee so far, has raised $30,000. This is to ensure the event is a roaring success. Some fundraisers include donations, social media, and other campaigns.

The board is continuously looking for volunteers to help on the day. Volunteering includes crowd control, setting up and cleaning up operations.

4 Things Everyone Needs to Know About the 2022 Fireworks:

#1 Are the fireworks going ahead in 2022?

The Mt Siskiyou Fireworks display is going ahead. This, however, is 100% dependent on the fire chief’s decision.

#2 Is there a possibility of plans changing and the event being canceled?

Only if the fire department cancels the permit for the fireworks display. Only then will the committee cancel the display.

#3 When do the fireworks begin?

The kids will ask when the fireworks begin! The show usually starts at 9:45PM. This depends on the wind conditions. And it also depends on the final say from CalFire.

#4 What’s the best spot to view the display?

The best spot to watch the fireworks is on the beach at Lake Siskiyou. Arrive early to book your spot! 

For a Safe 4th of July celebration, read these rules from the Sheriff’s boat patrol to find out more!

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