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Walking Near Water, Hiking Trails of Shasta Lake

Walking Near Water, Hiking Trails of Shasta Lake

Exercise is medicine – your body needs it for long-term health, mobility, and wellness. Sure, you could hit the gym or take some classes, but walking in the great outdoors along hiking trails is one of the best medicines for your body.  

While getting any physical activity will benefit you and your overall health, walking is the superior exercise! Walking is gentle on your joints, accessible in almost all locations where you are, and has the added benefit of getting you outdoors at the same time. 

Did you know that walking outside improves your sleep, mood, focus, and energy levels, and reduces your risk for chronic illness? Well, now you do!  

Let’s explore how you can gain these benefits by walking around the beautiful Shasta Lake in California. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to be awe-struck by nature and to celebrate what your body can do at the same time.  

A Mile in My Shoes 

Shasta Lake is participating in the 2023 walking challenge. There are pick-up locations to grab a map and passport to check off walks for the challenge, or you can download here.  

All you have to do is follow your walking passport for 25 walks that vary in length, location, and difficulty. This event is a fun and unique way to walk with ease. Just open your map and go! No work or thought is involved.  It’s something everyone can do–solo walkers, or couples looking for adventure, to families wanting to bond during an activity.  

Once you complete a minimum of 10 challenges as prompted by the Walks Passport, you can receive a sports bag (while supplies last). If you complete the entire list of 25 walks, you will be entered into a drawing for new sneakers from Fleet Feet Redding. The cutoff date to complete all walks is February 28. 

Each year in October you can also participate in the Walktober Challenge. This is an annual event popping up around the nation to encourage people to get outside and partake in physical movement as the weather gets cooler. The best part, it’s super simple to participate, simply spend 10, 20, or 30 minutes or more walking every day. That’s it.  

The challenge was created to get people outside to enjoy the crisp autumn air, family, and friends while getting healthy. The goal is to get more people active by including walking in their daily routine.  

Take a Hike 

Shasta Lake is not just for boaters and fishermen, either! Bikers, hikers, walkers, and nature explorers can all find something to do and enjoy on their vacation to the area. No matter how adventurous or active you want to be, you can still explore at your personal activity level. 

Check out these hiking trails. As a bonus, there is a map that shows where restrooms can be found, how accessible a trail is, if furry family members can join safely, and more. For those with young children or in wheelchairs, there are also designated hiking trails that are flat and have playgrounds. Literally, all you have to do is pick one and walk (or bike)!  

Make Plans Now 

Shasta Lake is a must-visit for your 2023 travel list.  There is plenty of time to schedule when you want to go. Here at Bridge Bay Resort, it is our goal for you to have the best vacation of your life. Your experience is just a vacation booking away – contact us now to get started!