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Savory Snacks for a Houseboat Vacation 

Savory Snacks for a Houseboat Vacation 

Vacation is always reserved for quality time with family, sightseeing, exploring, adventure, relaxation, and more. But the best part about vacation? The food! The only thing better than fine dining and local food are the snacks you normally wouldn’t eat at home!  

Snacks are everything – whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or boat, you always have to have something to snack on in case your travels are delayed.  

Real talk, though, what about snacks for when you are actually on vacation, not just traveling there? If you’re planning a houseboat vacation here at Shasta Lake, take the opportunity of a lifetime on this unique vacation to also plan unique and savory snacks!  

The snack ideas below are perfect for lounging on a houseboat. The bonus is you can make enough to keep the metabolism running while you adventure.  

Get Your Snack On 

  • Charcuterie Snacks! Charcuterie boards have taken the world by storm these last few years and the trend isn’t ending anytime soon. Besides staple cheese, meat, and crackers, you can make a charcuterie snack board out of anything! Cookie boards, fruit boards, cheese boards, pretzels, dip platters, the ideas are endless!  Cut food items into small, bite-size pieces and you have savory snacks for days. Bonus points for fun shapes and treats that get the kids in on it, too! Perhaps you could also have a board contest. Award the best board design or snack idea. The winner gets a savory snack!
  • Kebabs! Just like the versatility of charcuterie boards, kebabs can be made out of anything. Fruit, veggies, meats, you name it. Put it on a stick and eat with your hands. What more could you want? 
  • Trail Mix! Why buy the boring nut and fruit mix at the store when you can make your own trail mix from scratch? Go wild. Put whatever you want in it! No more picking out the raisins and just going for the M & M candies (sorry, raisin lovers!). You could even make this a family affair by asking everyone to pick an ingredient to put in the mix. Kids will love to be involved. Who knows, you may just invent the next great snack revolution!  
  • Sandwiches! Okay, this one might sound boring or unoriginal, but what was your favorite childhood sandwich growing up? PB & J? Tuna? Grilled Cheese? What about a sandwich with potato chips on it? Gather some bread and random ingredients (bacon, salami, ketchup, mayo, bologna, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, chips, whatever makes your heart happy) and experiment with how many different types of sandwiches you could make on your houseboat!  

You’re on a Boat 

You may not be able to play with your food at home, but on vacation, there are no rules! Make eating an enjoyable, quality bonding experience the whole family will remember for years to come.  

Let Bridge Bay Resort and Marina help you make that happen. Contact us now to get started or book your reservation today!