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Planning a Houseboat Vacation

Planning a Houseboat Vacation

You know you’ve been thinking about a houseboat vacation in 2023. The earlier you begin planning, the better your houseboat vacation will be! Follow along for tips related to things you need to know, the best time to go, and other considerations to remember for your houseboat vacation. And don’t worry about location – Shasta Lake in Redding, California is the perfect houseboat vacation destination.  

So, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now and no place to book than Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake!   

Things You Need to Know 

Summer is already only six months away, and while you can probably already guess, summer is the most popular time to visit Shasta Lake for a houseboat vacation. The best thing you can do in planning is to secure your reservations early and lock in big-ticket items to make planning smaller-ticket items easier.

Big-ticket vacation planning items include:  

  • Picking your dates  
  • Finalizing location (Shasta Lake!) 
  • Making reservations for accommodations and transportation 

Small-ticket vacation planning items include:  

  • Meals and dining 
  • Activities and tours 
  • Excursions or day trips 
  • Packing list! 

But before you can do all of the above, you should set and stick to a budget in order to enjoy your houseboat vacation stress-free. You can always put a list of planning steps together to make the planning process for a houseboat vacation easier. 

The Best Time to Go 

There really is no “bad” time to go to Shasta Lake, it just depends on what you want to experience. The biggest considerations for timing should be weather, activities available to you, and water levels – which do unfortunately fluctuate throughout the year.  

Here we have it broken down by season so that you can decide for yourself the best time to go!  


  • Holiday vacation – hello coziness!  
  • Take a new spin on a winter getaway.  
  • Save on the off-season – no crowds or heat. 


  • See nature in bloom without the crowds and the heat this time of year.  


  • Swimming and water sports are the name of the game now. 
  • Fishing!  
  • Most popular time to go with the most activities to do. 


  • Fishing! 
  • Fall foliage! 
  • Cooler temperatures but still enjoyable weather to be outside and partake in outdoor activities.  

Additional Considerations 

Houseboat vacations are great for:  

  • Solo travelers 
  • Couples 
  • Family bonding (yes, even furry family members, too!) 
  • Friend getaways 
  • Exploring the outdoors 
  • As much or as little adventure as you are looking for 
  • Unique vacation opportunities 

Shasta Lake is a great houseboat vacation spot because:  

  • It has picturesque scenery  
  • There are year-round opportunities for fun 
  • You can explore nature – hike, fish, boat, bike, swim, and more! 
  • You can relax with loved ones or do it solo  
  • Choose from many great food options 
  • There are options to host special events and more!  

Book Now and Start Planning with Bridge Bay!

Know when you want to go? Explore our houseboat options for vacation! We offer several different choices of houseboats you can rent based on the size of your group. Choose the boat that best suits your needs to maximize your vacation for fun, adventure, relaxation, and excitement.  Contact us or book your reservation now to get started.