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Small Boats for a Day Adventure

Small Boats for a Day Adventure

What if we told you that you could have an exciting day adventure on the water using only a small boat? Well, you can, and still have everything you need for excitement, fun, and adventure. Shasta Lake in Redding, California has it all: the scenery, the adventure, and more. It’s perfect for a one-day experience or a multi-night stay.  

We understand that not every trip needs to be a week-long adventure. Sometimes you just need to get out on the water for a few hours, or a full day.  

Bridge Bay Resort and Marina have lodging and houseboat options for longer vacation stays, but we also offer plenty of small boat rental options for those of you looking to just make a day out of it. Let’s get started!  

Ski Boats 

First up on the list are ski boats, which can accommodate up to six passengers. These boats are 20-foot with 150hp, making it the perfect boat for speed. Take it out for skiing and other watersports! Rental options include 2 hours, 4 hours, a full day, and a full week.  

Personal Watercrafts 

Personal watercraft is a fancy name for a jet ski! For single or double riders looking for an adventure, you can take a personal watercraft out to make waves. This one requires a $500 deposit but can also be rented for 2 or 4 hours, a full day, or a full week.  

Fishing Boats 

Shasta Lake is known as a great year-round fishing spot in California because of the fish the lake is filled with. So, if you and up to three others (four max) are ready for a day of fishing, then the fishing boat rental is perfect for you! These boat rentals have 15hp and can be rented by the hour, the day, or the week.  

Patio Boats 

Need a little more room for your small boat day adventure? The patio boat rental option is the way to go! The patio boat can comfortably fit up to nine passengers for a day of cruising around the lake. With an icebox on board and 40hp, you can bring your tanning lotion, swimsuit, and favorite snacks to chill out on the water. You can also fish off this boat, so it’s a versatile option if you have a group of people looking to spend their day in multiple ways. Rent this one by the hour, day, or week, too!  

Kayaks and Paddleboards 

Not quite up for a boat rental? Take a kayak or paddleboard out for a few hours and soak in the outdoors that way. Plus, these are great ways to be active without thinking about it.  

Bridge Bay Resort and Marina – Your Adventure Awaits! 

Now that you know the rental options for you day vacations, your adventure awaits! When you go to reserve your rental, which you’ll want to do in advance, you’ll be prompted to sign a waiver and put down a deposit.  

Bridge Bay Resort and Marina is excited to welcome you to a unique adventure at Shasta Lake, whether you make one day out of it or a whole week! Contact us or book your rental now to get started.