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Vacationing with Children

Vacationing with Children
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Vacationing with children while houseboating on Shasta Lake is a breeze and is a beautiful and relaxing vacation for family members of all ages to take a family trip.

You won’t have to worry about big waves or rough waters, and our houseboats are comfortable, spacious, and accommodating, ensuring you’ll never feel like you’re “roughing it” – instead, you’ll feel right at home.

But even though a houseboat inherently feels like a home away from home on the water, there are special considerations to keep in mind if you are traveling with very young family members.

Just like any vacation, a little extra planning is often required to ensure that babies, toddlers, and very young children can enjoy smooth and safe sailing while having a ball.

So before you depart on your houseboating adventure, consider these tips that will ensure that everyone on board has a swimmingly good type – especially your youngest crew members.

1. Do a Lifejacket Check

You’ll want to make sure that your lifejackets are comfortable and effective, especially with your youngest passenger members! Try on your lifejacket soon after boarding to ensure it’s the right fit for family members of all sizes.

2. Bring the Comforts of Home

Sleeping in a new place can be a little intimidating for kids, especially if this is their very first vacation! So make sure you bring along a few comfort items from home, such as a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, book, or pillow. This way, the transition to their new home on the water will be inviting and relatively easy.

3. Make Learning Part of the Fun!

Shasta Lake is filled with:

  • History
  • Outdoor adventures
  • New terrain to explore

So make sure your vacation has a little bit of education seamlessly thrown in.

Discover historic mining towns like the 19th century French Gulch Creek. Or discover the relics of ancient volcanoes at the Subway Caves.

At Shasta Lake, there are ample opportunities to have a blast while learning a little bit about history. You can also learn about geology and the stunning natural environment along the way.

4. Bring Extra Equipment

You don’t have to bring all of your baby and toddler equipment onboard to enjoy your vacation, but a few critical pieces of equipment can certainly come in handy! Look into toting along some versatile baby or toddler gear, like a port-a-crib, which can easily be packed along and set up once you’re on board.

5. Use the Water Slide

Bridge Bay has a fantastic fleet of vessels to accommodate families of all sizes and tastes, and some of our premier vessels even have a built-in water slide!

Easily a favorite feature of our younger guests, an onboard water slide turns any corner of Shasta Lake into your own personal mini-waterpark in an instant.

6. Use the WaveRunner

A houseboat is a great way to enjoy leisurely explorations, but what if you are looking for more of a thrill? Then you may want to try a cruise or two onboard a zippy WaveRunner.

Bridge Bay marina also offers WaveRunner rentals on an hourly, daily, or even weekly basis, so you can enjoy an exciting exploration at your own, faster pace.

7. Bring Water Toys

Bring along your favorite pool and water toys from home to enjoy on the miles of Shasta Lake waters, or if you don’t have room in the car, pick up a few when you arrive!

Our on-dock marina store features several fun toys and accessories to purchase or to rent, which can be brought onboard your houseboat rental with ease.

You can also swing by our gift shop to pick up a few extra toys, as well as some resort and swimwear to explore the open waters in style.

8. Think About Fishing Gear

The summertime is a fine time for dropping a line, and there’s nothing more relaxing than spending a day or two exploring some of the great fishing holes that Shasta Lake has to offer.

Our Bridge Bay Marina store has you covered in terms of supplies, which includes bait, tackle, and ice for your fishing expeditions.

Be sure and ask about what’s biting, and remember that we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction on the supplies you’ll need.

9. Bring a Waterproof Camera

You’ll be taking plenty of striking photos throughout your vacation of Shasta Lake’s famous landmarks, like the Shasta Dam or the towering Mount Shasta, but what about capturing some pics from a new perspective?

A waterproof or underwater camera can provide some unique family photos that can’t be duplicated and will be a fun project in and out of the water for kids and parents alike.

10. Have Rainy Day Activities On Hand

Chance are your vacation will be filled with sunny days and smooth sailing. But for a little quiet time, it doesn’t hurt to have some rainy day activities at the ready your kids will love! Arts and craft supplies, books, and games are all smart items to pack along, in case it’s time for a more relaxed and restful break from all that fun in the sun.

11. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

The sun can be deceptively strong on the water, even if you’re planning a vacation in the cooler off-season months of fall or spring. Make sure you have strong, waterproof sun protection, and plenty of it – regular applications of sunscreen is a must on a houseboat vacation, especially for young family members.

12. Snack Well

Meal preparation is a breeze on a houseboat, thanks to fully-stocked kitchens that have all the equipment and gear you’ll need to get cooking.

Bring along ample packets of handheld snacks for on-land adventures or excursions, such as cereals, chips, fruit snacks, and other easy items that can be stored in a pantry, and taken out whenever hunger calls.

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Many families are surprised at just how easy it is to enjoy vacationing with children. The summer revolves around fun on the water, and with a few little additions, you can increase the vacation wow-factor for everyone onboard!

So pack wisely, bring along a little extra entertainment and a few comforts from home, and discover just how much fun a houseboat vacation can be for everyone onboard!

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