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3 Tips for Keeping Your Houseboat Clean Throughout Your Vacation

3 Tips for Keeping Your Houseboat Clean Throughout Your Vacation
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One of the best aspects of a houseboating vacation is there’s plenty of room to bring everyone in the family easily. With spacious vessels that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests, you don’t have to leave any loved ones behind, and can even bring along the furry family members in your crew.

But when you are vacationing with multiple family members and friends, it’s natural that a little extra cleaning will be required throughout your stay to keep your houseboat comfortable.

After all, there’s nothing like lounging on a sparkling and sunny deck or preparing a meal in a spacious and fresh kitchen with plenty of elbow room.

So before you depart, make a plan for routine cleaning and maintenance throughout your vacation that the whole family can adhere to, and ensure your houseboat remains pristine and welcoming throughout your open water adventures.

1. Divvy up the Chores Beforehand

Traveling with a large group entails a little coordination to ensure everyone has a great time. And this certainly includes dividing up the chores in an equal but stress-free manner.

Come up with a rough outline of who in your party will be responsible for any chores throughout your trip – like cooking, sweeping, or doing the dishes.

Obviously, you can rotate or switch roles as needed, but coming up with a flexible game plan will ensure everyone is on the same page and is making an effort to keep your houseboat clean.

2. Use Your Storage Areas

Some visitors live out of their suitcase, which means that excess toys, clothing, and other items that have been brought aboard can spill over into common areas and create a bit of clutter along the way.

Luckily, our houseboats have ample storage areas where you can pack away everything that is currently not in use!

Use the closets, pantries, and other storage areas that are abundant on board to ensure that the rest of your home stays clutter free.

3. Bring Along a Few Cleaning Extras

One of the great things about a Bridge Bay houseboat rental is you’ll already be provided with the essentials, like paper towels, dish soap and sponges, and even toilet paper.

But it certainly doesn’t hurt to bring a few extra dish towels, washcloths, and other cleaning supplies to use whenever needed.

Come prepared with a small bucket of cleaning extras to ensure you can tackle any messes or spills as they naturally pop up throughout your vacation.

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Regardless of whether you escape to Shasta Lake for a weekend or a week, it’s easy to keep your vessel clean and comfortable throughout your stay with a little routine maintenance and consideration of everyone onboard.

By sharing the workload, bringing along some extra supplies, and keeping your personal items securely stored away during your adventures, you can make sure that everyone has a clean and accommodating spot to call home during your vacation, no matter how many family members and friends you bring along to share in the fun.

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