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Summer Holiday on Shasta Lake – What You Need to Know

Summer Holiday on Shasta Lake – What You Need to Know
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Shasta Lake is an ideal spot to get away for a long summer holiday weekend! Independence Day and Labor Day are both big summer holidays in this enticing destination, where the world revolves around fun on the water.

But if you’re planning on making a summer holiday jaunt to enjoy hundreds of miles of water and shoreline, be sure you keep the following guidelines in mind.

From fireworks to barbecues, there are a few key tips that will help ensure your houseboating summer holiday is as safe and entertaining as can be.

1. Leave Behind the Fireworks

The legality of fireworks in California are generally dictated by county. And, all fireworks are illegal in Shasta County, even when you’re out on the water.

So leave behind the fireworks to ensure you can enjoy your summer holidays safely and within the law.

2. Check out the Summer Celebrations!

The summertime is one of the hottest times of the year when it comes to festivals and celebrations at a number of enticing towns and destinations that surround Shasta Lake.

Want to check out an incredible fireworks display? Then, head to the nearby town of Redding on July 4 for the Redding Freedom Festival.

This annual event has one of the largest fireworks display in Northern California, with music, food, and plenty of fun to go around! Bring along a lawn chair as it gets dark.

Get ready for a spectacular show that launches at 10 p.m.

3. Don’t Forget the Grilling Goodies

Your houseboat comes equipped with everything that you’ll need for a summer holiday cookout – which includes a grill, extra icebox, and all the dishes and cookware for those tasty sides.

All you’ll need to bring along is the grub! With spacious kitchens and an outdoor grilling area on-deck, large alfresco feasts are an easy feat when you’re spending a long summer holiday weekend in a houseboat.

4. Prepare to Spend a Lot of Time in the Water

The Shasta Lake waters are typically at their warmest and most inviting in July, August and the first weekend in September, so be prepared to spend ample time splashing around.

Pack the pool toys and water toys – (or rent a houseboat that has its own waterslide!) – as well as plenty of water-resistant sunscreen.

The sun can be deceptively strong off the miles of open water, so extra waterproof protection is a must.

5. Book as Early as Possible!

Summer holiday weekends are easily one of the most popular times of the year for houseboat rentals, so don’t wait to make a reservation!

The sooner you plan your getaway, the better your selection will be of:

  • Houseboats
  • Lodge accommodations
  • Smaller vessels

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Shasta Lake is a dream destination during the summer holiday weekends. It’s easy to see why this destination has been heralded as the “Houseboating Capital of the World” when the temperatures and celebrations start to heat up.

Make your reservation now for your upcoming summer getaway, and discover how festive a long summer holiday can be when you’re surrounded by water!

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