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Trout Fishing on Shasta Lake

Trout Fishing on Shasta Lake

Many anglers think fishing for trout on Shasta Lake is best only during the fall. However, fishing enthusiasts know that early summer morning fishing on Shasta Lake is pure bliss. This is one activity that makes Shasta Lake a special vacation spot. 

Are you ready to catch your fish in northern California’s most sought-after body of water? 

How to Prepare for a Great Fishing Experience

There are rules and regulations regarding trout fishing. In some fishing spots, you will need a license to fish. Other places in the US will limit the open fishing season for trout fishing.

Always find out about the minimum length of the fish you may catch, and what daily limits you can catch.

Certain states provide guidelines for catching and releasing trout. A good example is New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation rules. These outline steps to reduce the chance of mortality of trout released back into the water.

Before planning your trip, read up on all the local bylaws. There are many fishing guides available. Be sure to do your homework and adhere to all the fishing rules. Find out everything about deep water fishing and water conditions. 

How to Catch a Trophy Trout on Shasta Lake

There are large quantities of brown trout and rainbow trout on Shasta Lake. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to hook larger fish! Catching this species of fish day after day might seem like the impossible, if you catch any at all.

It is far more than luck to catch over 100 five- and ten-pound fish annually. It is hard work that calls for hundreds of hours on the water. 

Find the Shad to Find the Trout

On Shasta Lake, it is all about finding the shad to follow the trout. What will make the trout bite best? Shasta Lake is constantly changing. It changes every month, although the summer months bring a certain element of consistency.

Trout are best found at the start of June through to early July. The best Shasta Lake fishing months are from July through to September.

What 2 Key Features Makes it Easy to Catch Your Trout on Shasta Lake?

The key food source, threadfin shad, is present from late spring to late fall in the main Shasta Lake body of water.

The shad are accessible to the trout in large schools. This provides a constant source of food for the trout. It is in a relatively concentrated area of Shasta Lake. They gravitate close to the surface water. They attract the trout, which causes a feeding frenzy. This is the perfect opportunity for getting the fish to bite.

Find the Food and Anglers Will Find the Fish

Find the food source and you will locate feeding schools of trout. This is the best way to pinpoint the trophy-sized rainbow trout and brown trout.

This is the secret when looking for the sought-after trophies. Game fish are never far from bait fish.

What Will I Need to Fish on Shasta Lake?

Get everything you need from the local marina store to catch that big fish on your vacation!

Find rods, bait, tackle, and reels in our local shop. Other items like ice are available. This is ideal for keeping your catch fresh.

Don’t forget your fishing license before you hook your fish. You can apply for a 2-day, 10-day, and year-round license.

Get Your Fishing License to Fish on Shasta Lake today!

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