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Pack Like a Pro for a Successful Houseboat Summer

Pack Like a Pro for a Successful Houseboat Summer

Are you ready to pack your bags for a thrilling getaway at Bridge Bay Resort at Shasta Lake this summer? We’ll tell you exactly what to bring in your suitcases to maximize your outdoor and indoor fun.

Protect Your Loved Ones from Sunburn This Summer

Shasta Lake is the epitome of crystal-blue water and sunshine. With that comes the chance for sunburn if you’re not prepared. Want to know the secret to a successful boating adventure? Pack sunscreen and aloe vera to prevent and treat burns. (Because no one likes the wrath of the scorching sun.)

Water sports offer loads of fun. Sunburn does not. Rays of the sun bounce off the water, making them more intense. Cover all your essentials to ensure a successful summer break.

Pack the Sunscreen! The #1 Essential Ingredient for a Fun Summer

Ensure your sunscreen has a high enough SPF factor. Sunscreen should have a minimum of 30 SPF factor. And reapplying is an absolute must! Use a timer to remind everyone that it’s time to slather themselves again. (Waterproof SPF really does wear off!)

Create shaded areas for kids and toddlers. Staying out of the sun at the hottest time of the day is also smart. The hottest time of the day is not necessarily at midday. The hottest time is usually between 3-4pm. This is because the earth stores up heat from midday onwards.

Why Creating Designated Shaded Areas for Kids is Important

The amount of shade on your specific houseboat will depend on your houseboat rental. Even our smallest houseboat rental, The Cascade has a shaded area.

Pack Your Sun Outerwear

Getting everyone in the habit of wearing sun-proof items is important. Be sure to bring sun hats and even UV-blocking clothing to protect from the hot rays. The sun in Northern California is intense and is relentless when in the open water. For a small child or toddler, it can become overwhelming, and even dangerous.

Ensure everyone drinks plenty of fluids. This does not mean sugary or fizzy drinks. Staying hydrated is the key to avoiding sunstroke and severe burns.

Shop for sunhats that have an UPF 30 factor and above. This is for the best protection from the sun.

Ditch the Glare and Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses

Ditching the glare with sunglasses is a must. The glare from the water is intense, and squinting your eyes is not a great alternative. Get the relief your eyes deserve with a good pair of sunglasses. Get everyone sunglasses, even the little ones.


Book Your Perfect Shasta Lake Houseboat Now for Summer 2022

Book now for the perfect Shasta Lake houseboat holiday. A summer filled with water sports and lazy days, hikes, and great barbeques. 

Enjoy trips on the lake with our daily rentals. 

Camping under the starts and sipping cocktails on the deck. Make it an amazing destination getaway. Dreams are made by unpacking this excellent spot in Northern California.

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