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Why Water Toys Enhance Your Stay at Shasta Lake

Why Water Toys Enhance Your Stay at Shasta Lake

Take the right water toys for your summer vacation. Ensure your days are jam-packed with entertainment for everyone. And not just the kids!

Water toys are a necessary part of your houseboat excursion. Be sure to make your summer vacation a happy, safe experience.

Remember to pack plenty of games, books, and even the fishing gear!

Camping on the shore of Shasta Lake is a fun activity everyone will love. Don’t forget the s’mores for that special cookout under the stars.

Safety Comes First on a Houseboat

Considering safety onboard is serious stuff. Make this priority #1 when planning a much-anticipated trip. Safety should always be at the top of your list when packing for a houseboat (or any other) vacation.

Wearing life jackets when the boat is in motion is a good rule to follow. A bumpy ride could send someone overboard. Find the right fit for all family members. Little family members need well-fitted lifejackets that won’t slip off their little bodies.

Pack a throw flotation you can throw into the water.  This is a useful item if someone for emergency situations, for example, someone accidentally falls overboard. It is also useful if someone drifts too far from the houseboat.

Floaters and boaters need to have emergency plans in place for all scenarios. Check out the Scotty Rescue Throw Bag from Bass Pro Shops.  They have made this bag from high-visibility materials. It is perfect for a speedy rescue operation.

Why Renting a Houseboat with a Water Slide is a Great Idea!

A houseboat is just not the same without a water slide! Keep the kids busy for hours while you sit back and relax. Or you could join in the fun. Enjoy the inner child in you. Share in the joy and laughter this summer. It is an easy decision to get a boat with a slide. It’s the same as having your personal water park right on deck!

How Do the Finer Details Make a Big Difference to Holiday Joy?

It’s the little things in life that make the biggest impact. Make your house boating trip even better by packing in fun floats for everyone.

Spending hours in the water on a floatable bed is great. Pass the time sipping cocktails and reading a good book. Don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen, don a hat, and wear UV-protection sunglasses.

Kids love floatable toys. Be sure to pack plenty of variety for the young ones. The kids will love clambering on and off floats. Be sure to prevent sunburn. Get the kids to wear a T-shirt over their bathing suits and top up on sunscreen every hour.

Variety is the Spice of Life. Be Sure to Bring a Variety of Toys.

Be sure to pack plenty of board games, books, and toys for the kids. Water toys will give them hours of fun. Everything from water games to squirting toys will keep the kids happy and occupied. But some days might have rain or clouds.

Don’t run out of ideas and fun water toys for the kids. Instead, try our on-dock marina store for a variety of options. Enjoy boat rentals or water toy rentals for added inspiration.

Book Your Shasta Lake Summer Vacation Today

Get the boat and trip of your dreams. Book early for the best dates and ideal watercraft. Summer holidays don’t get better than this. Renting a houseboat this summer will have the kids begging for more.

Remember though, successful boating is all about planning well and having fun in the process!

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