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Hiking Trails Around Shasta Lake: Part II

Hiking Trails Around Shasta Lake: Part II

Outdoor enthusiasts take note. Shasta Lake and its surroundings offer diverse hiking trails for hikers of all levels. Whether you are new to hiking or love a challenge, there is a hike tailored just for you.

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Hike Up to the Faery Falls

Faery Falls is an impressive waterfall. The Faery Falls is a fifty-foot segmented fan waterfall. The short hike is worth the spectacle. At the end of a 1.1-mile hike, you will find the beautiful Faery Falls. The hike comprises a 240-foot climb, which is gentle until you arrive at the Old Ney Springs Resort.

The hike gets a little steeper from here. The idea is to find the hidden path taking you to the left of the road. All the little paths in the area are short and lead to the creek.

You can view the falls and a hot pool from several sites. The Falls is a peaceful spot. You can take Castle Road West of Box Canyon Dam on Lake Siskiyou. Turn left on Ney Springs Road. Once you arrive at Ney Springs Creek, you will have a clear view of the falls from the lookout trail. This is one of the prettiest sights of the falls.

You can drive to the road and park within a short distance of Faery Falls, although the hike is the best part of the experience.

Take a Hike up the Burstarse Falls

The Burstarse Falls is in Castle Crags Wilderness. You will find these incredible waterfalls in the Trinity Divide. This gentle hike is both enjoyable and easy to tackle during the rainy season. Tackle the hike when Mount Shasta and the Trinity Alps are covered in a blanket of snow during the winter months.

Start the hike at the open area 3.3 miles along Castle Creek Road. Keep an eye out for the Pacific Crest sign. The first half mile is called Dog Trail and is quite strenuous. They permit dogs on the trail outside the Castle Crags Park unit.

Enjoy some of the wonderful views of the Trinity Divide and a few small runoff waterfalls. This is a 25-foot waterfall. Enjoy a good view of the Lower Burstarse Falls, although the actual falls are about a quarter of a mile further. However, the route is quite dangerous, so be careful! 

McCloud River Three Falls Trail

For the adventurous hiker, the McCloud River Falls Trail is a must! You will find the McCloud River Three Falls Trail a mere 6 miles outside the town of McCloud. The Wintu Native Americans have dubbed the Lower Falls, Nurum-wit-ti-dekki. Translated, this means “Falls Where Salmon Turn Back.”

The McCloud River trail will take you through mountainous terrain. You will make your way through the forest with 3 magnificent waterfalls. Nature lovers will enjoy the large variety of fauna and flora. Here the Redwoods, Douglas fir, and Western Hemlock grow in abundance. Keep an eye out for orange honeysuckle and red columbine plants along the banks of the river.

During the summer months, the Lower Falls is a popular spot for swimmers. Jump off the cliff into the pool below or make your way to the Middle and Upper Falls for stellar views.

Choose Your Hiking Trail Adventure

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts. Book your summer houseboat on Shasta Lake and unpack the wonderful hiking trails flanking the azure waters. Here, you can hike up to the many waterfalls, or simply take an easy stroll exploring the wonders of nature.

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