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A Romantic Retreat at Shasta Lake 

A Romantic Retreat at Shasta Lake 

California is a popular romantic retreat destination, but have you heard about Shasta Lake specifically? Located in northern California with over 300 miles of shoreline and tons of fun activities, Shasta Lake is the perfect spot for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and romantic vacation weekends alike. No matter your love language or interests, there is something special for every couple at Shasta Lake.  

What Makes the Lake so Special? 

Aside from stunning views providing the utmost serenity, Shasta Lake offers great dining options (including the Cookhouse), hiking trails, boat rentals, prime fishing spots, the perfect reading nooks, and more – all for you to enjoy with your special someone. A unique feature of Shasta Lake is the houseboats, which are a private and affordable way to vacation. Imagine, floating under the stars with your loved one, surrounded only by water and pristine natural landscapes.  

Most ideal trips nowadays involve bungalows, cabin retreats, or a scenic waterfront destination. At Shasta Lake, you can enjoy all three in one destination!  

When Should You Go? 

Aside from year-round? Ha! Late summer or fall are ideal times to visit the lake. The further you push your trip out into the fall, the more likely you are to see better deals in the off-peak season. However, the lake is located in northern California, where winter tends to set in faster than in warmer-climate areas. If you want to enjoy the sunshine or sunbathing, you may want to plan your visit a bit earlier in the summer months, like July or early August.  

We do have some tips for planning your romantic trip to Shasta Lake, but let’s dream up some fun ideas to get you in the mood for your romantic retreat!  

Tips to Enjoy Your Romantic Retreat 

  • Plan, but don’t over plan. Leave some room in the schedule to be spontaneous and explore. Shasta Lake is known for its gorgeous scenery, so even if you don’t want to explore, you can find time to sit together and just enjoy the silence. But if there are activities you know you want to do, like water sports or cruising, then ensure they are accounted for in the time that you plan to be there.  
  • Pack your favorite guilty pleasures – wine, cheese, chocolate, whatever makes your heart flutter to enjoy the vacation just that much more.  
  • Do something nice for one another! Taking a trip with a loved one is a fun way to spend quality time. Perhaps planning a surprise or activity your partner likes can help spice up the getaway, too.  
  • This last piece of advice may sound silly for a blog on romance, but it is important to actually plan for a romantic experience – yes, even when on vacation. Perhaps a picnic on the sand, a candlelit dinner, a cozy fire, or whatever helps you both relax and actually spend time together, distraction-free. Just make sure you include it in your itinerary.  

Start Planning Today! 

Ready to book your trip and get excited about a romantic vacation? Bridge Bay Marinas is the resort for you and your partner. Contact us today to learn more. There is no time like the present – your booking for a romantic retreat is just a click away