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Fall Fishing at Shasta Lake

Fall Fishing at Shasta Lake

What better combination exists than fishing in the fall for a vacation? Especially when you get to sit on the lake and take in the fresh air, the clarity of the water, and the beauty of the changing colors of the trees. At Shasta Lake in California, your dream fishing scenery and vacation awaits!  

As California’s largest man-made reservoir, Shasta Lake has tons of fun to offer and is the perfect spot to fish for brown trout, rainbow trout, bass, king salmon, and more. Landlocked, known for its depth, and 370 miles of shoreline you will be busy finding these bad boys throughout the lake. But don’t worry, we have some tips for you.  

Let’s talk about lake fishing in the fall – what to expect, what you might need, and how to have the best fishing experience of your life, all at Shasta Lake.  

The Best Time to Go Fall Fishing

The number one question on everyone’s mind is, when is the best time to go fall fishing? Even though fall spans from September to November, your primetime fall fishing season at Shasta Lake will be from late October through November. The waters tend to start to cool off—which draws the fish to shallow water to feed–and during this time you will be able to fish for bass and trout.  

Cooler water temperatures also mean the outside temperatures will be cold, so be sure to dress warmly in layers and have some blankets on board your boat if you end up waiting for those fish to bite!  

Boat Access and More 

Whether you own your own boat or need to rent one for your excursion, you have plenty of access options for fishing at Shasta Lake. There are public docks, commercial docks, rental companies, and vacation homes all available for your leisure activities so that your trip can be successful no matter its length or your fishing experience. Beginners and advanced fishers alike can enjoy themselves during the fall fishing season.  

Pro Tip: You can also fish from the shoreline. If you prefer to stay on dry land while you cast for fishing glory, you can!  

You can also check out fishing reports from current lake-goers to learn what the status of the lake is and what kinds of fish are being caught.  

Ready to Book? Let’s Go! 

Shasta Lake has it all! And here at Bridge Bay Marinas, we make it easy for you to plan your ideal trip and enjoy the journey along the way. When you book your stay with us, you’ll get access to all you need to enjoy the lake – from fishing to hiking, eating, relaxing, and more.  

For fishing specifically, we’ve got you covered on all the best spots to set up for fishing and what to catch. We can also provide you with all of your fishing supplies.  

With so much to do and see at Shasta Lake, book your vacation stay today! Our slots for October and November are filling up quickly, you don’t want to miss out!