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Houseboating 101: What You Need to Know!

Houseboating 101: What You Need to Know!
houseboat floating serenely on the blue waters of Shasta Lake

Welcome aboard the beginner’s list of things to know about renting and enjoying a houseboat!  

First and Foremost – What is Houseboating? 

Houseboating is exactly what it sounds like! Your home away from home in boat form! Think of houseboating as camping, but on the water. A houseboat provides all the amenities you need to sleep and play on a lake with ease. This type of experience is unique and enchanting!  

One thing to be aware of is that just like homes and cars, all houseboats are not created equally. You can find more affordable, basic options and you can also find luxurious houseboats – it just depends on your budget and what kind of vacation you’re hoping to have during your houseboating experience. Your group size and crew age matter, too, but we’ll get to that in a moment. 

What Experiences Come with Houseboating? 

The vacation of your dreams! Houseboating allows you to swim, lodge, fish, sightsee, camp, stargaze, and do whatever your heart desires. Here at Shasta Lake in California, the opportunities to get out and explore are endless. The perks of the houseboat mean everything will be quite literally at your fingertips!  

Renting a houseboat is oftentimes the best way to explore what these magnificent vacation destinations hold for you and your family or friends.  

How Many People Can Sleep in a Houseboat? 

Great question! Houseboats can comfortably accommodate 8-16 people with bathrooms, beds, a kitchen, and outdoor decks. When you book a houseboat for your family vacation you can select the best-sized boat based on the size of your party. Pets are welcome too so you can make this the best family vacation ever without having to leave anyone behind.  

How do Houseboat Rentals Work? 

Once you book your reservation, (which we recommend you do early to secure the houseboat you desire at the time your desire), then arrive for your stay, we’ll provide you with a safety and usage orientation so that you can set sail, confident that you know all you need to know. We’ll also give you tips and tricks on the best fishing spots, docking locations, and more. Per California law, you will need to be 25 years to rent the houseboat, but only 18, or older, with a valid driver’s license to operate the vehicle.  

We offer rentals for 2 – 6 nights at a time, so you can come for a weekend or week-long stay.  

But, if you decide that camping on the water is not for you, no worries! You can plan your vacation at Shasta Lake at The Lodge and still enjoy daily rentals and all the other perks the lake has to offer.  

Come Visit Shasta Lake at Bridge Bay Marinas 

We know planning a vacation can be stressful, especially for first-time houseboaters. Rest assured we’ve got your back. What you really need to know is that there is a first time for everything, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your rental experience is enjoyable and easy. Book your stay and let us do the work, a great vacation is just a click away!