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Let’s Talk About Your Houseboat Vacation Options!

Let’s Talk About Your Houseboat Vacation Options!
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If you’ve never been on a houseboat vacation before, you may initially be surprised at your options. Modern houseboats come in a wide array of sizes and styles, with a wealth of features that can make a simple Shasta Lake getaway an indulgent retreat.

So when you are first exploring your options, pick the best houseboat for your family and friends? The process starts by considering these factors that will help you shape a Shasta Lake vacation that exceeds your group’s expectations.

1. Houseboat Size

The number of people on board will play a significant role in which houseboat you choose. You may be happy to discover it’s easy to welcome all your family and friends on board!

At Bridge Bay Marina, we have grand houseboats that can effortlessly and comfortably fit up to 13 guests, so there’s no need to leave anyone off the invite list when planning your next vacation.

2. Season

Do you plan on heading to the lake in the heart of summer, when vacation days center on splashing, swimming, and enjoying ample time in the water?

Or are you considering a quieter, off-season vacation, when the days and nights are cool and comfortable, and the warm-weather crowds have all but disappeared?

If you’re a summertime sailor, you’ll likely want to consider houseboats that have a host of fun features designed for:

  • Watery fun
  • Waterslides
  • Swim platforms and ladders
  • Plenty of decks with optional shade

If you prefer the cooler months, then you’ll likely be comfortable in a houseboat that has all the elite necessities – like full kitchens, deck space and chairs, and ample living areas – but which may not have those summertime-oriented features.

3. Vacation Length

You can likely budget for a smaller vessel if you’re enjoying a quick getaway throughout a long weekend. But, if you’re planning on spending a few days or more enjoying the ample water, you’ll likely want ample space to spread out.

Consider the length of your vacation – as well as how long you intend to be onboard and on the water – to find the perfect spacious accommodations that will allow everyone to stretch out and relax with ease.

4. Budget

One of the best things about a houseboating vacation is it’s inherently affordable. Houseboats cut costs on a myriad of vacation expenses – such as dining out for meals, multiple hotel or motel rooms, and other amenities (like kitchen supplies or barbecue equipment), that simply come standard with every trip.

New mariners will find when it comes to planning a vacation that suits their budget. There are ample options when it comes to seasons and price ranges, as well!

Determine how much you want to spend on your accommodations, and use that as a guide for determining the best boat – and vacation timeframe – for you. (Bonus tip – for even more significant savings, consider a vacation in the Value Season when rental rates are at their lowest.)

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With lots of vessels to choose from, a houseboating vacation is never a one-size-fits-all adventure. Contact us today!

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  • Consider what you want out of your vacation.
  • Enjoy a getaway that is custom-tailored to your style, tastes, and budget.

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