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Family Vacation: Making Your Houseboat Vacation Truly Memorable

Family Vacation: Making Your Houseboat Vacation Truly Memorable
A majestic image of the Grand Sierra houseboat, an epitome of luxury and elegance on the water.

When you’re on your Shasta Lake houseboat family vacation, quality time is everything! And, chances are you’ll find no shortage of ways to enjoy the hundreds of miles of water in every direction.

A houseboating vacation revolves around swimming, fishing, hiking, exploring, day trips and excursions, and a million other easy activities you can enjoy in your new on-the-water home.

But with that being said, there are some easy and unique ways to spice up a family vacation and make it truly memorable for everyone onboard.

So if you want to ensure your upcoming Shasta Lake getaway is the most unforgettable family adventure yet, consider these easy tips that will make your adventures extra special.

1. Have Fun and Friendly Competitions

Which family member makes the best splash from your houseboat waterslide, or who can reign supreme when it comes to shoreside games like corn hole, flag football, or the limbo?

Have a few family competitions that fit in with your party’s interests, and make certificates or silly awards at home to dole out to the winners.

An impromptu dance contest, cooking contest, or even a celebrity impression contest on board can add a little excitement – and many laughs – for everyone in the crew.

2. Have a Theme Night

Want to b up your family’s evening dinners and entertainment? Then come up with a few theme nights that everyone can get on board with!

Theme nights can entail everything from a certain type of cuisine, to costumes and attire, to games and activities that everyone can enjoy.

For a little inspiration, think of all-encompassing themes everyone can participate in:

  • Pirate night
  • Hawaiian Luau night
  • Mardi Gras night

Let your imagination run wild.

3. Have a Nightly Star Party

One of the most enchanting benefits of Shasta Lake is the endless dark skies and miles of peace. And because of this atmosphere, it’s easy to look up and admire the skies!

Let the stars provide the show. And, enjoy a world-class view that can’t be found anywhere else!

4. A Group Souvenir

Most importantly, a souvenir can provide lasting memories of your trip! So make your take-home treasures personal by creating them yourself.

  • Have a rock painting party and decorate small rocks and other gems found along the shoreline.
  • Create a quilt or T-shirt everyone can decorate.
  • Invite everyone to take and send their favorite pictures for a memory book.

By adding a personal touch to your souvenirs, you can make an inspired memento that will rekindle fond memories.

We Can Help

Every family vacation to Shasta Lake is special. And, it doesn’t take much to put an already fun vacation over the top.

Lastly, use your creativity and imagination to come up with an itinerary. These activities will make your getaway unforgettable long after your adventure is over! So, give us a call to schedule your vacation now!

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