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How Many Marinas Does Shasta Lake Have?

How Many Marinas Does Shasta Lake Have?
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The word marina means coast or shore in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. A marina usually handles small watercraft. This is unlike ports that handle large cargo and ships. A marina is a dock or basin for yachts and smaller boats. On Shasta Lake, there are multiple marinas to explore and enjoy.

How Many Marinas are there on Shasta Lake?

On Shasta Lake there are many marinas to choose from. All offer different services. Many include renting out houseboats.

1. Bridge Bay Marina

Of course, there is Bridge Bay Marina. This is by far the largest marina on Shasta Lake and has over 70 slips.

Bridge Bay Marina is the ideal spot for special occasions. It offers a bar, restaurant, accommodations, and a retail outlet.

Select from over 100 houseboats and ski boats for a memorable summer vacation.

Find out about our range of houseboats, small boats, and ski boats. We also offer a range of fishing boats, patio boats, and watercraft. Zip around Shasta Lake by renting personal watercraft. These include Jetovators, jet skis, and paddle boards.

Get everything you need at Bridge Bay this summer. Fishing gear, ice, food, gas, and other retail items. All are readily available for your convenience.

2. Digger Bay Marina

You will find Digger Bay about 50 miles from Highway 5. Digger Bay Marina has over 150 boat slips.

You are spoiled for choice with a well-stocked store and small boat rentals.

Digger Bay Marina is 10 miles from Highway 5.

3. Shasta Marina Resort

You will find Shasta Bay Marina at Packers Bay, Lakehead, California. Take exit 693 off Highway 5, 161814 Packers Bay Road.

You can rent luxury houseboats at Shasta Marina Resort. You can also rent ski boats, stand-up paddle boards, and kayaks.

Stock up on supplies at the year-round store. You will never run out of gas, ice, food, and souvenirs.

4. Antler’s Marina

Antler’s Resort and Marina is a full-service resort and is the northernmost marina on Shasta Lake. Rent your competition ski boat, patio boat, or jet skis this summer. Find out about the lake view cabins within walking distance of the marina.

5. Silverton Marina

Silverton Marina is on the east side of Shasta Lake. They are known for their large houseboat rentals.

6. Holiday Harbor

Holiday Harbor is up the McCloud River Arm, east of 1-5. A family-owned establishment, it is close to Atlanta just 5 minutes from 1 to 75 and Downtown Acworth.

  • Enjoy a full-service marina and resort experience at Holiday Harbor. The resort will meet all your boating and vacation needs.
  • Services include boat rentals, sales, and storage.
  • Rent a lakeside cottage or take the family camping. There is a full-service restaurant and a store.

7. Jones Valley Resort

Jones Valley Resort is on the easternmost marina on Shasta Lake. Tucked away in a cove, it features 6 different model houseboat rentals. This includes the largest houseboat on Shasta Lake, which is the Titan.

8. Sugarloaf Marina

Sugarloaf Marina is up the Sacramento River Arm. It has a marina store, fuel, and overnight slips.

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