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4 Boater Safety Course Options to Prepare for Your Houseboating Vacation

4 Boater Safety Course Options to Prepare for Your Houseboating Vacation
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Visitors who are brand new to the houseboating vacation experience are often surprised to discover how easy it is to navigate through the waters of Shasta Lake.

Well known as one of the top houseboating destinations in the country due to its calm waters and miles of room to roam, Shasta Lake is a beautiful spot to learn the ropes when it comes to houseboats.

With that being said, first-time houseboat captains who want to plan will find that there are plenty of options to enhance their maritime skills well before they board.

Bridge Bay Marina offers an in-depth orientation when visitors first arrive for their houseboat vacation. However, there are courses you can take weeks or even months before your explorations begin.

So, if you want to be as prepared as possible, consider these four sample courses and online resources that will transform you into a confident captain.

1. Boat Ed by Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC.

This site will help participants earn their California Boater Card through an online course that can be reviewed and taken at an applicant’s convenience.

For a modest fee, applicants can:

  • Access the study guide
  • Take the course
  • Print their online course completion certificate
  • Apply for the California Boater Card

All study materials are available online, which makes it a convenient one-stop portal for a little maritime education.

2. America’s Boating Course
This online NASBLA approved online boating safety course is a comprehensive tutorial on everything a new mariner needs to know to take and pass their license test for boating certification.

In addition to online materials, participants will also receive:

  • A 244-page full-color book
  • Comprehensive boating safety lessons
  • Introduction to navigation basics
  • A boating safety course CD
  • A digital charting DVD with access to all United States charts

3. Boat U.S. Foundation

Recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and approved by NASBLA, the boater safety course by Boat U.S. Foundation is a free tool that explains everything mariners need to know to study and pass the Boat Safety Course for a California Boater Card.

Easy to use and comprehensive, this online course is an excellent tool for new mariners who want a simple and budget-friendly way to expand their knowledge.

4. California Boater Card

This all-encompassing website has everything a new mariner needs to know about how to further their boating education.

Check out the list of online courses available that are approved by the State of California and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, or learn more about the California Boating Card and its associated requirements.

When it comes to the basics of boating and boat licenses, this is a solid first stop for more information.

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It never hurts to brush up on your boating know-how, and especially if your upcoming Shasta Lake vacation is your first foray into houseboating.

So do a little research before your trip, be sure you attend our orientation before you depart, and take the wheel with confidence on your upcoming Shasta Lake getaway.

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