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5 Essential Steps to Planning a Shasta Lake Houseboating Vacation

5 Essential Steps to Planning a Shasta Lake Houseboating Vacation

If you’re the point person that your friends and family rely on to plan vacations, then you already know preparing for an upcoming trip has the potential to be a lot of work.

But the good news is planning for a houseboating getaway on Shasta Lake is almost as stress-free as the trip itself.

It won’t take too long to have everything in place to ensure everyone in your crew has a great time. Never been on a Shasta Lake houseboat and not sure where to start? Then use the following steps as your guide to plotting the perfect on-the-water vacation.

1. Rent Your Shasta Lake Houseboat with Bridge Bay Marina

Bridge Bay Marina has an array of houseboats to accommodate parties of all sizes. Reserving your vacation is a breeze, thanks to easy online booking on our website.

Just make sure you reserve as early as possible, especially on popular summertime weekends, (like Independence Day or Memorial Day), when Shasta Lake is an especially enticing vacation destination.

2. Learn the Ropes of Houseboating

If you’re new to houseboats and boating in general, there are all sorts of resources online to help you learn the basics and to enable you to get your California Boater Card.

Also, be sure you attend our 1-2 hour orientation session as soon as you arrive for your vacation to learn everything you need to know to enjoy the waters with ease.

3. Plan What to Pack

The great thing about a houseboating vacation is that so many of the things you’ll need for an enjoyable stay are already onboard – from the gas grill to the coffee maker, to the water slide.

Even so, there are a few extras you’ll want to bring along, (like towels and a first aid kit), so brush up on what you need to pack by reviewing our FAQs section here.

4. Plan Your Meals

You’ll save ample vacation funds on dining out when you’re on a houseboat, but if you’re in charge of feeding a crew, a little planning will ensure that nobody goes hungry, while you can still relax and enjoy your vacation.

Prepare and freeze some crowd-pleasing dishes that will be easy to heat up in your houseboat once you’re onboard to have big feasts all vacation long, without the fuss.

5. Research the Area

Shasta Lake is brimming with attractions, both on the water’s edge and close to our Bridge Bay Marina, so review all the cool things to see and do before your travels!

Pick out a few “must” activities, like exploring the Shasta Dam, and make an informal itinerary that everyone can look forward to.

Relax and Enjoy the Anticipation!

A Shasta Lake houseboating vacation should be all about relaxing and enjoying yourself. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to plan every aspect to ensure your trip is perfect.

With miles of room to roam, ample space to stretch out and relax, and gorgeous waterfront views in every direction, a houseboating getaway is an ideal way to enjoy a stress-free vacation that everyone onboard will adore.

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