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5 Shasta Lake Houseboating Facts

5 Shasta Lake Houseboating Facts

A houseboating vacation is so distinctive and unique, many newcomers embark on a houseboat adventure with a lot of questions, and a few misconceptions. But renting and enjoying a houseboat on Shasta Lake is easier than you’d think. We will introduce you to miles of beautiful landscape and fun activities you can’t experience anywhere else! So before you prolong or postpone your houseboat vacation, be sure and ignore these common myths and misconceptions that could be preventing you from enjoying the vacation of a lifetime.

1. You Need to Have Someone Onboard with Lots of Boating Experience – FALSE

You don’t have to be an experienced captain to navigate a houseboat. Our friendly team at Bridge Bay Marina will ensure you have everything you need to know for a:

  • Relaxing
  • Safe
  • Easy-going excursion

Our 1-2 hour orientation before your departure will explain all the procedures and essential facts. We will have you feeling like a confident captain in no time at all!

2. It’s Hard to Sleep Comfortably on a Houseboat – FALSE

Newcomers may be concerned about choppy waters during their Shasta Lake explorations. As well as the availability of ample space once on board.

But Shasta Lake is renowned for its calm and wonderfully still waters, so there’s no need to worry about seasickness during your trip.

In addition, our fleet of houseboat rentals:

  • Are spacious
  • Are well designed
  • Can accommodate up to 12 people on board with plenty of room to stretch out and relax

As such, many visitors attest a houseboat is the most comfortable accommodations available when it comes to places to stay at Shasta Lake, especially for large families and groups.

3. Houseboat Rentals Can Be Expensive – FALSE

Houseboats are actually one of the most budget-friendly varieties of accommodations when it comes to exploring Shasta Lake!

This is because we outfit our houseboats with multiple amenities, including full kitchens and even water slides, so you don’t have to spend extra money on dining out or entertainment.

In addition, visitors can enjoy even more savings by opting for a vacation in the value season fall, winter, and spring months, when prices are lower, and Shasta Lake is less crowded and naturally beautiful.

4. Houseboat Rentals Are Complicated – FALSE

Booking a houseboat rental is as easy as surfing the web! With our online booking option, you can:

  • Find the perfect houseboat for your family
  • Reserve it online
  • Have your vacation mapped out in just a few minutes

5. There Are Better Ways to Explore Shasta Lake – FALSE

When it comes to access and explorations, there’s no better way to discover Shasta Lake than a houseboat. With a houseboat vacation, you can map your own adventures – all by plotting your own course and your ensuing explorations.

  • Hiking trails
  • Area attractions
  • Stunning waterfalls
  • Roughly 370 miles of shoreline

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Simply put, booking a houseboat vacation is easy, and enjoying a houseboat getaway is even easier. Check out Bridge Bay for a variety of houseboats and get started on planning a simply unparalleled vacation.

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