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Boat Options for Your Next Shasta Lake Vacation

Boat Options for Your Next Shasta Lake Vacation

Our longtime vacationers know that there’s nothing like a Shasta Lake Houseboat for days of fun on the open water, but what if you’re just looking for a quick day-trip adventure where you can cruise in style?

We have you covered! At Bridge Bay, we have a number of small boats that can cover a wealth of adventures on the cool and clear waters of Shasta Lake, and which can be rented for a couple hours, a day, or even a full week of vacation fun.

When it comes to open-water explorations, however, it can be hard to figure out how you want to explore.

Shasta Lake is a prime destination for exceptional fishing, watersports, and just easy-going family getaways, so it may be tough to determine what type of ride you’ll need for your ideal adventure.

So before you book your smaller vessel, (which can also be easily accomplished online), consider these small boat options and excursions that are waiting for you at Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake.

1. Fishing Boats

Shasta Lake is renowned for great fishing all year long, and anglers come here from all over to reel in a myriad of big and tasty catches.

King salmon, rainbow trout, and brown trout are all popular (and common) catches, and the local marina store has everything you need for a full day of reeling in those photo-worthy catches.

If fishing is your favorite on-the-water activity, then you’ll want to look into a fishing boat rental.

Outfitted with a 16’ aluminum V-hull, a 15 hp outdoor motor, and enough room for five passengers, our fishing boat rentals will have you cruising to the best fishing holes in no time.

2. Patio Boat

If you come to Shasta Lake to enjoy panoramic water views, then a patio boat might be your speed. Patio boats are ideal for cruising.

They provide ample elbow room for nine people, as well as a 152-quart ice chest for easy:

  • Lunches
  • Drinks
  • Snacks

Ideal for family explorations at a leisurely pace, a Patio Boat is a great way to swim, fish, and enjoy the beauty of Shasta Lake with ease and comfort.

3. Waverunner

Prefer your adventures to be a little bit more exciting? Then a waverunner may be a great fit for you! These speedy vehicles let you zip around Shasta Lake in comfort and style. They provide a host of features to keep you safe along the way.

Waverunners serve as a fun way to explore Shasta Lake as possible while enjoying a thrilling ride throughout.

4. Small Boats Like Ski Boats

Designed for the watersports fan, a ski boat can add a big dose of fun and excitement. Try a faster pace with a 20’ ft. long comfortable vessel that can accommodate six passengers.

These boats are outfitted with a 150 hp outboard motor. Modestly sized but nicely speedy, a ski boat serves as the launching pad for a myriad of watersports.

We Have You Covered

From luxuriously spacious houseboats to zippy waverunners, Bridge Bay has you covered! Discover the variety of vessels that are available for your next on-the-water getaway, and enjoy Shasta Lake to the fullest.

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