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4 Clever Safety Hacks for a Shasta Lake Getaway

4 Clever Safety Hacks for a Shasta Lake Getaway

Once the dream becomes a reality and you have booked your Shasta Lake break, there are still safety concerns that need to be addressed.

How safe is it to boat on a lake and what do you need? We tell you everything there is to know about boat rentals. This will ensure your Shasta Lake vacation is a stress-free and safe experience.

Safety is just as important as having fun. What do you know about boating and lakes? How can your kids stay safe on the water?

We give you all the tools for that fun-filled, memorable houseboat holiday experience.


1. Why Finding Out Everything Upfront Gives Peace of Mind

Our team of experts at Bridge Bay Marina are here to guide you. We help you find perfect houseboat rentals tailored to your needs. There is a boat for every family and every occasion.

Once you arrive, you will go through a brief 1–2-hour orientation to help you feel safe and ready to stay on your houseboat. We are here to answer the questions you need answered. It’s smart to write the questions before arriving for orientation.

We unpack your level of experience for your houseboat vacation. Once we explain everything in fine detail, it’s smooth sailing!


2. Lifejackets are a Necessary Safety Precaution

Always ensure you bring quality life jackets for everyone, and that they fit properly.

Most houseboats provide basic life jackets, but if water safety is at the top of your safety list, it is best to make that worthwhile investment and get your own.

Having life jackets for young children who are not yet able to swim is especially important. Make sure they are always supervised around the water!

3. Prevention is Better Than Cure: Avoid Sunburn on the Water

Water and sunburn seem to go hand in hand. Ensure you don’t spend the entire vacation nursing a painful sunburn and taking away from relaxation and fun time!

Bring along plenty of sunscreen with the right SPF factor. Pack the sunhats and UV sunglasses for added protection.

Your children should cover up in the water. Bring plenty of long-sleeved T-shirts and hats to avoid nasty burns.

The California sun can prove unrelenting. Spending hours outdoors in and out of the water can be a potential recipe for disaster is not careful. Ensure everyone stays indoors and out of the heat when the sun is at its hottest.

Apply sunscreen when playing on water slides, when out water skiing, or taking houseboat trips around the lake.


Remember to reapply sunblock every time you or the children swim.


4. A Boating Safety Course is a Great Idea

We go above and beyond to ensure your vacation is fun and safe. It is, however, far better to take a boating safety course for peace of mind.

There are a plethora of courses to choose from so that you can come to Shasta Lake feeling prepared and ready to set sail.

Take up free courses from Boat U.S. Foundation.

Find out more about other boating safety courses.


Enjoy Peace of Mind during your stay on Shasta Lake!

Book your dream houseboat holiday. Find out everything about our houseboats and safety tips before you set sail. We are here to show you how much fun you and your family can have, safely!


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