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Get Out of the Kitchen and Eat at the CookHouse

Get Out of the Kitchen and Eat at the CookHouse

Aside from the activities and beautiful scenery, food is a very important part of any trip. Luckily, the CookHouse at Bridge Bay Resort has a variety of different foods to satisfy everyone in the family. From breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, you will never go hungry on Shasta Lake!

Why Eating Out is Top of Your Vacation to Do List

Vacationing at Bridge Bay Resort is like coming home. Enjoying your ultimate Californian break has something for everyone.

Swim, slide and explore the 365 miles of pristine water. Hike, fish, bike and get up close to nature. Or sleep under a canopy of bright stars. And when you’re done with a full day of exploring? Take a trip to the Cookhouse for a delicious bite to eat.

Whatever your Shasta Lake houseboat adventure looks like, it should not include spending hours in the kitchen. Parents, it’s time to give yourself a break from shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up.

A Vacation That Feels Like Home

A Shasta Lake vacation is incomplete without a trip to the CookHouse. This family-friendly restaurant will seal the deal.

Dining at this charming waterfront establishment is a must. Enjoy the views that seem to stretch into the distant horizon.

Eat a wide variety of cuisines that taste even better than a home-cooked meal.  From American, to Italian, to Mexican fare, there’s something for even the pickiest of eaters!

Check out a sampling of what’s on the menu!


  • French toast
  • Hot cakes with whipped cream and fruit


  • Burrito Bowls
  • Blackened Shrimp Po’Boy


  • Grilled Ribeye
  • Chicken Marsala

The Locals’ Best Kept Secret

The locals recommend this well-kept little secret. The warm ambiance and friendly service is the perfect excuse to treat mom, dad, and the kids, and to come back for more time and time again.

There’s no need to dress up. We are all about service and excellent food in a casual and friendly environment.

Enjoy all of your meals of the day served California-style. Nothing beats made-to-order meals, great company, and outstanding service.

Feel like a local and eat like a king. Come and try us out and see why we are such a popular choice.

Try the Blue Oak Room at the CookHouse for your Next Event

Share happy moments with friends and family in the beautiful lounge setting upstairs.

Share a romantic dinner for two or celebrate a special occasion in the Blue Oak Room.

Did you know we also do catering? Choose us for your next special event, whether it’s on or off site! 

Are you celebrating an engagement, a special birthday, or wedding? The CookHouse at the Marina offers popular and timeless cuisine.

Are you looking for that special event with magical views? Our dedicated team of caterers produces memorable meals.

Some choices include cheese boards, braised chicken, and pasta bar. We also have fajitas, veggie trays and 7-layer dips. So much mouth-watering goodness!

Book Early to Get the Best Options

Call us for a reservation today! When booking houseboat rentals early, you are spoiled for choice. You have the advantage over late bookers. You can choose from a wider selection of boats, and you get your date of choice. What are you waiting for?

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