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Work Retreat: Tips for Planning One at Shasta Lake

Work Retreat: Tips for Planning One at Shasta Lake

A work retreat with your essential team can revolutionize the way you do business. It can be an opportunity to:

  • Come up with new initiatives
  • Review your operations
  • Think of effective ways to take your company to new heights

All with just a few days’ work! And when it comes to planning a corporate retreat, Shasta Lake is a fantastic option for businesses throughout northern California.

Miles away from the rest of the world, this scenic destination is simply inspiring, and the breathtaking surroundings are more than enough to get your creative juices flowing.

So if you are thinking about planning a corporate retreat, regardless of whether it’s just with your key management positions or your entire company, here are a few tips for ensuring that your getaway is as productive – and enjoyable – as possible.

Find the Perfect Accommodations

Bridge Bay Marina is a great place to start when it comes to planning a corporate retreat! With 40 lodge rooms and extensive facilities, we can accommodate more than 100 people in comfort.

The Blue Oak Room is an ideal setting for in-depth meetings, while the gorgeous scenery and ample things to do ensures that everyone can enjoy their downtime to the fullest.

Free of distractions, working with Bridge Bay to outline your upcoming retreat is always a solid starting point in the process.

Find a Balance

The key to an effective corporate retreat is to balance work time and relaxation time, and this is especially true when you are heading to a spot as scenic and inviting as Shasta Lake.

Make a schedule of meetings and get-togethers that focus on the work at hand, but also allow for extra time so that your staff can relax and come back to the office energized and refreshed.

Have a Clear Agenda

  • What do you want to accomplish out of your retreat?
  • Do you want to return to the office with a wealth of new ideas?
  • Do you want a better vision for your company going forward?
  • A better understanding of which processes currently work at your company, and that need to be adjusted?

By outlining what you want out of your retreat and planning accordingly, you’ll have a better opportunity to make it as successful as possible.

Focus on Action

Brainstorming is easy, but coming up with actionable steps to make new ideas come to fruition can be a lot tougher.

So during your retreat, make sure you come up with a game plan for how you will implement your new ideas once you return home. This can include point people, deadlines, and detailed steps that indicate the next course of action.

Have a Follow-Up… and Come Back Again!

You don’t want to leave all your brilliant ideas at Shasta Lake, so make sure you follow up after your retreat is over!

This can include a general summary of what was accomplished and what’s left to do or a future meeting to check in and see where you are weeks or months after the retreat is over.

Remember, anytime is a great time to return to Shasta Lake! So make your corporate retreat an annual event, and infuse a little inspiration into the way you conduct business.