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Why Being on the Water is Good for You

Why Being on the Water is Good for You

Need an excuse to make your escape to the water at Shasta Lake for a well-deserved and much-needed vacation? Then do it for your health!

People are naturally attracted to the water. And as it turns out, multiple studies have uncovered a world of scientifically-backed reasons as to why we’re drawn to a big blue landscape.

From promoting an almost meditative state to increasing our creativity and emotional intelligence, there are tons of great things that simply being on the water can do!

1. It helps your brain recover from overstimulation.

In our everyday lives, distractions bombard us constantly. From computer screens to noisy city streets, our brains are constantly processing information at record speeds before we move on to the next task, or distraction, at hand.

But this routine isn’t good for your health. Our brains need to take a break and have a little downtime to work at their best.

Because an open blue waterfront has almost no distractions other than natural elements, our brains can rest, rejuvenate, and rebuild the processes to help filter information once we’re back in the busy world again.

2. It reduces stress.

Anyone who has ever sat on a deck listening to the sound of small, lapping waves knows that water is great for relaxation.

The inherent rhythms of moving water stimulate a meditative state, where the relaxing background noise lets us breathe a little slower and enjoy our surroundings.

Also, those miles of blue water are great for the eyes too. Blue is one of the most relaxing colors in the spectrum.

The combination of miles of blue hues and quiet white noise in the background can do our mental state a world of good.

3. It boosts your creativity.

Have you ever noticed that you get your best ideas in the shower? There’s a reason for that!

Being near the water activities the creative portions of our brain – or the elements that are connected with:

  • Daydreaming
  • Imagination
  • Insight
  • Introspection

Known as the “blue mind,” this unique mindset is best achieved with limited distractions when our brains are semi-focused on the sounds and images of the water.

4. It enhances connections and relationships.

It’s not unusual for folks to have a sense of awe when they look out to miles of open water. This sense of awe can naturally translate into a greater sense of connection to something else.

Being around the water inherently makes us more compassionate, connected, and emphatic. These characteristics are why we are at our happiest when we’re on a waterfront vacation.

No wonder some of life’s happiest celebrations overwhelmingly take place at waterfront locales.

Ready to Dive Into a Happier, Healthier You?

With a world of benefits waiting, a Bridge Bay Houseboat vacation can help you unwind and refresh in more ways than one.

So make a move to enhance your health across the board, and book a vacation that is naturally surrounded by beneficial water from start to finish.

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