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Top 5 Reasons to Book A Last Minute Bridge Bay Houseboat Vacation

Top 5 Reasons to Book A Last Minute Bridge Bay Houseboat Vacation
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Though Memorial Day and 4th of July has come and gone, there’s still plenty of summer left for cool explorations, new adventures, and family vacation memories that will last a lifetime!

If you’ve been thinking about making an escape and enjoying a last-minute getaway to a gorgeous spot where the natural landscape steals the scene, then now is your opportunity.

While everyone has their reasons for squeezing in a last-minute trip to one of the California’s most breathtaking vacation destinations, there are a few across-the-board benefits to booking a Bridge Bay Houseboat for an impromptu, late-summer retreat.

1. You can escape for a long weekend.

Can’t escape the office for an entire week? That’s no problem at all.

You can rent our Bridge Bay Houseboats for a minimum of three days, which means you can enjoy a long weekend away from work, and come back feeling refreshed completely.

2. You can enjoy the best kind of “Summer School.”

School may still be a few weeks away, but Shasta Lake is packed with opportunities to learn through fascinating adventures that the whole family will adore!

Make a date to explore the ancient Shasta Caverns, or enjoy a hike through the relics of volcanoes with a day trip to the Subway Caves.

With so many educational attractions to explore, everyone can learn something new while having a ball.

3. You can explore a new landscape.

You may be familiar with the Shasta Lake scene during the height of summer, but what about in the quieter late summer and early fall weeks, when the landscape naturally changes with the seasons?

This time is a breathtaking time to explore our stunning area, and you’ll be treated to:

  • Fewer crowds
  • Changing foliage
  • A whole new atmosphere that makes familiar Shasta Lake feel like an entirely new and beautiful world

4. You can catch your breath.

Summer is often when we’re in the most desperate need of a break. The kids are out of school, there are family functions and events to plan, and work can add an extra layer of stress to an already overstuffed routine.

This time is exactly why you need to take pause and take a breather. By making a long weekend or week’s escape to Shasta Lake, you can hit the reset button and come back ready to tackle the rest of the busy summer season.

Best of all, with easy online booking, you can start anticipating your much-needed getaway within minutes.

Shasta Lake is always an enticing destination, and a last-minute vacation is well within reach. Enjoy a respite from your busy summer schedule.

So sneak in a trip that will leave you recharged, revitalized, and full of fond memories that everyone in the family will treasure for years to come.

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