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Where You’ll Spend the Bulk of Your Time Onboard Your Houseboat

Where You’ll Spend the Bulk of Your Time Onboard Your Houseboat
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If you like having ample elbow room to stretch out and relax, but want to make sure you can vacation with everyone in your extended circle, then you’re going to love a houseboating vacation.

A trip aboard a houseboat offers ample flexibility when it comes to family and friend getaways, simply because there are so many opportunities to connect, as well as opportunities to enjoy a little alone time.

From spacious decks to fun features that make it easy to dive into the Shasta Lake waters, there’s a lot to love about the spacious and accommodating nature of a houseboat. So once you pull away from the docks, where do you expect to spend most of your time while onboard?

Here are just a few of the spots on your houseboat where you’ll likely retreat to for ample fun in the sun, and long and relaxing days exploring the waters.

Top Deck

Do you prefer sun or shade? Regardless of whether you want to work on that tan, or cool off with the breezes in the background, you’ll have your choice when you escape to the top deck.

The top deck is where you’ll find the best views of your Shasta Lake surroundings, as well as unique features in some of our exceptional houseboat models, like the water slide and penthouse which are both found on the Grand Sierra Ex.

With benches, sitting areas, and plenty of room to stretch out, expect to spend hours lounging on the top deck of your vessel.

Houseboat Kitchen

One of the best attributes of a houseboat versus a traditional motel room, (besides the panoramic views, of course), is that every houseboat offered by Bridge Bay Marina comes equipped with a kitchen that has everything you need for easy-going meals.

You will love family meals where everyone can get together and get cooking. Your kitchen has plenty of room for multiple chefs, as well as all the fixtures, cookware, and other supplies you’ll need to whip up budget-friendly meals throughout your vacation.

Your Houseboat Bedroom

If you need a break from on-the-water activity, you’ll appreciate the spacious bedrooms our houseboats offer. Ideal for a bit of privacy, our houseboats can effortlessly accommodate larger parties.

Fore Deck

There’s nothing like grilling out when you’re relaxing in the sunshine. And, the foredeck has everything you need to start cooking, which includes incredible water views.

Located on the lower level of our accommodating vessels, this spacious lower level deck traditionally features:

  • A BBQ grill
  • An ice chest
  • Space for many outdoor chefs to heat things up

We Can Help

A houseboat vacation naturally allows for spending time with friends, family, and loved ones! And, there’s plenty of room to seek out a little peace and well. There’s plenty to love about stretching out on your personal houseboat. Give us a call today!

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