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The #1 Reason Shasta Lake is a Great Place for Kids

The #1 Reason Shasta Lake is a Great Place for Kids
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Everyone loves a Shasta Lake vacation. Not just the kids. Renting the right Shasta Lake houseboat makes all the difference. Spending hours in and out of the water the entire summer is how we make special memories. Your houseboat vacation is an adventure the kids won’t forget in a hurry.

What Is It About Shasta Lake that has Everyone Coming Back?

There is so much to do on your Shasta Lake vacation. Hiking, camping, and cooking under the stars are some of the fun things to do. These are only a handful of activities to do on your Shasta vacation.

There is no shortage of exciting activities, both on the boat and off. Whether you are an outdoorsy enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie, or a history buff, there is a little something for everyone.

What Water Sports Will I Enjoy on my Shasta Lake Vacation?

Northern California has it all and more. Find out what water sports are available during the warm summer months.

Enjoy endless balmy days and clear blue water. Nothing beats the adventure of camping and throwing a few of steaks on the fire. Do this under a canopy of stars.

On Shasta Lake you can also enjoy water slides, jet skiing, and fishing.

How to Make Your Shasta Lake Adventure Perfect:

  • Bring along water toys for the young ones (and for those young at heart). Plenty of bottled water will ensure the kids don’t dehydrate. This is both in the water and out. (And yes, you can dehydrate in the water!)
  • Kids love to hike and explore. Be sure to do your homework and discover the hikes that are child-friendly. Pack plenty of energy bars and fruit to keep the children happy, well-fed, and entertained.
  • Ensure you pack plenty of games and toys for the young ones. You could have the odd rainy day or two.
  • Pack plenty of arts and crafts, and favorite bedtime stories to end long, tiring activity-filled days.

The Importance of Packing the Right Clothes for Success

Layers work best for chilly nights and rainy days. Loose cotton long-sleeved pants and shirts are best to ward off mosquitoes.

  • Remember, mosquitoes can bite right through clothing. Leave tight clothes at home. Cotton is soothing and cool after a day spent in the sun.
  • A sun hat and sunglasses are also good options. Not just for the kids, but for the adults, too!
  • Socks and the right hiking shoes are essential for hikes. Socks prevent bites on ankles.
  • Shirts with collars are great for avoiding bites around the neck area.
  • Bring along a couple of T-shirts for water sports. This prevents nasty sunburn in the scorching summer sun.

Why You Need to Book Your Bridge Bay Marina Vacation Now

Are you out of ideas for a memorable summer vacation? Bridge Bay Marina has the answer. Book your houseboat for a fun-filled vacation. Bring the dog, the kids, grandma, and grandpa. Everyone loves a great time spent with family and friends on Shasta Lake.

Let us make a difference this summer. The Shasta Lake difference. Bring your friends or make new friends. Houseboating is a sociable experience. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Bridge Bay Marina, Shasta Lake, is the perfect spot for the young and young at heart. Contact us today and find out more.

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