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Thanksgiving Holiday on a Houseboat: 5 Reasons to Say Yes

Thanksgiving Holiday on a Houseboat: 5 Reasons to Say Yes
Picture a serene and picturesque scene of nature during the fall season.

The Thanksgiving holiday will be here before you know it! And families are thinking about shifting from the traditional at-home gatherings to a long weekend getaway.

In fact, in recent years, Shasta Lake has become a popular out-of-town spot for visitors of all varieties, as the temperate climate and the dwindled off-season crowds make it a perfect destination to relax and get away from the holiday stress.

So if you’ve been tempted to change things up a bit and start a new Thanksgiving holiday tradition, here are a few key signs that it’s time to book your vacation now with Bridge Bay Marina.

1. You want to avoid holiday stress.

There’s nothing calmer or more relaxing than being surrounded by 360 degrees of open water and beautiful, natural views.

And after you’re on a Bridge Bay houseboat, you’ll enjoy this scenery every day, all day long. A Thanksgiving weekend vacation to Shasta Lake is a perfect way to avoid the stress that holidays can incur. It’s a perfect way to simply enjoy a bit of relaxation with your friends and family along for the ride.

2. You want to avoid crowds.

If getting up early to fight the Black Friday crowds sounds completely unappealing, then a getaway to Shasta Lake might be just the remedy to mix things up this year.

Shasta Lake is at its most popular during the summer months.  As fall gets into full swing, the seasonal crowds disappear, which means there’s plenty of peace throughout the 370 miles of shoreline.

3. You still love to cook.

Our Bridge Bay houseboats are outfitted with everything you need to enjoy big at-home feasts, which includes the slightly non-traditional turkey dinner with waterfront views!

Best of all, you can prep everything ahead of time and simply bring it all aboard once you depart, so Thanksgiving dinner will be a breeze in your spacious and accommodating houseboat kitchen.

4. You want to spend ample time with your loved ones.

There are few distractions on Shasta Lake. On a houseboat vacation, everyone in your crew has ample time to reconnect, simply because you’re enjoying plenty of time onboard together.

If you’d prefer to spend your time doing the following, then a houseboat holiday weekend is perfect for your holiday.

  • Playing games
  • Having long conversations
  • Enjoying natural outings like hiking and stargazing

5. You love the great outdoors.

Imagine working off Thanksgiving dinner via a long hike to scope out one of the neighboring waterfalls. Or spend an active morning reeling in fresh catches courtesy of Shasta Lake’s exceptional fall fishing. Shasta Lake is designed for outdoor lovers, which makes it an ideal destination for active visitors, any time of the year.

Sound Enticing? Your Fall Getaway Is Waiting!

Check out our accommodating houseboats that can accommodate up to 12 passengers. Book your Shasta Lake vacation today to start a new family tradition that is miles away from ordinary.

With a Thanksgiving holiday growing in popularity year after year, now is the time to plan your fall escape to Shasta Lake.