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Houseboat Vacation: 4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Longer  

Houseboat Vacation: 4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Longer  
A captivating fall landscape at Bridge Bay, where nature's beauty shines through

A houseboat vacations can come in all sizes. Sometimes, you may only be able to carve out a few days to escape to the expansive and calming waters of Shasta Lake. But on other occasions, you might be able to escape for a relaxing week or more. 

And if you’re starting to plot out your Shasta Lake itinerary, you may want to consider extending your stay by a few days.

You’ll never get tired of the literal miles of fun on the water! An extended vacation also means more time with friends and family, more explorations, and more opportunities to simply unwind 

Need an excuse to enjoy a longer Shasta Lake getaway this year? Here is a closer look at just a few of the reasons why a longer vacation is right for you.  

1. Relaxation

According to a recent survey that was cited in Travel + Leisure Magazine, most folks don’t truly de-stress until the third day of their vacation.

This makes sense when you think about it, as the first couple of days are usually dedicated to traveling and the excitement of exploring something new.

Granted, when you have the seemingly endless landscape of Shasta Lake as your constant background, it’s easier to unwind faster, but a little extra time to:

  • Simply relax
  • Set aside the cares of everyday life
  • Enjoy the ample views

2. Flexibility

Did you know you don’t have to stay for a set timeframe on a Bridge Bay houseboat? At Bridge Bay Marina, your houseboat vacation is flexible(depending on availability), so you are never forced to check in or check out on a specific day.

It’s easy to reserve a more flexible getaway that lasts for six days, a week, or even eight days or more! 

3. Cost

Crunch the numbers, and you’ll find the nightly price of a houseboat vacation naturally tends to go down the longer you’re on board.

When you bring along family and friends, you’ll save even more throughout your stay! 

4. Enjoyment

One of the reasons why folks keep coming back to Shasta Laker is because there’s so much to do in this picturesque corner of northern California.

There is so much to explore in every direction! With a longer vacation, you’ll undoubtedly have a better opportunity to see it all. 

  • Roughly 465 miles of shoreline and charming towns
  • Historic landmarks
  • Hiking trails
  • Natural wonders like Mount Shasta

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There’s nothing like time on Shasta Lake! And with Bridge Bay Marina, it’s easy to enjoy all the time you need to relax and enjoy your getaway fully.

Start planning your late summer or fall vacation now. You will see how refreshed and fulfilled you’ll feel when you enjoy a little extra time on spacious Shasta Lake. 

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