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Enhance Your Vacation with a Star Party 

Enhance Your Vacation with a Star Party 

Did you know the further you are away from the light pollution of the city, the brighter the night sky? 

With its remote location, Shasta Lake in Northern California is the perfect place for a star party. So, gather your family and friends and host a houseboat party under a star-spangled sky. Remember to invite the neighbors’ kids, too, and make new friends. 

Here are some ideas for creating the perfect classroom under the sky.  

Make Memories on Vacation

It’s the small things in life that create the finest memories. By hosting a star party, your kids will remember your houseboat vacation for many years. They will also learn about the stars and planets. 

Sure, there are 88 known constellations in the night sky but let your kids’ imagination free and inspire the young ones to create their own constellations. Give them artistic license or guide them to mimic those they see. It’s all about using their imagination. 

Pack These Items  

Here are a few other tips and tricks you can use.  

  • Teach them about the stars in the sky. Do this by using visual aids like books, charts, and maps. 
  • Pack a telescope and create your own planetarium. 
  • Create interactive guessing and memory games. Ask them questions about the moon and the planets. 
  • Get the little ones to make their very own star cards with glitter and glue. 
  • Go one step further and add glow sticks, glow necklaces, and glow bracelets. 
  • Remember sparklers and candles. 
  • Reward the kids with candy and star charts. 

Best Ways for Teaching the Kids About the Stars on Vacation

Keep an eye out for any upcoming extraordinary events. These could include a full moon, meteor showers, eclipse, or other celestial happenings. Events like these are often reported in newspapers and TV news or can be found on websites such as 

Some favorite supplies to have at your party to help instruct the kids about the constellations include books that teach kids about the stars, glow-in-the-dark constellation stickers, or any number of low-cost star-themed toys that can be purchased on Amazon. 

The night sky app for your iPhone is a brilliant idea for integrating technology and information. Simply point your phone to the sky and it will tell you what you are gazing at! 

Book Your Shasta Lake Houseboat and Plan Your Star Party Today! 

Educating your kids is more than sending them to school. Children learn as much inside the classroom as they do outside. Sign the kids up for astronomy clubs if they show an interest. Kids often become astronomy enthusiasts once they get to know a little more. 

Ensure you use the classroom of the world to teach them well. A few simple, clever ideas can enrich your houseboat vacation. All it takes is imagination and a few props. 

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