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Shasta Lake Water Levels 

Shasta Lake Water Levels 

Shasta Lake, in California, is a popular travel destination for boaters, swimmers, and sunbathers alike. At first, you may be wondering what the water levels have to do with you and your vacation, or why they even matter in the first place, but the important thing to note is that it does matter! The lake level dictates the activities you will be allowed to partake in. Knowing what the water level is can help you plan your trip to the lake with the appropriate precautions and preparation needed.  

Thankfully, levels at Shasta Lake are good and you have the ability to enjoy boating safely.  Here are some facts and tips for enjoying a vacation on the water.

Historical Overview of the Lake 

Shasta Lake is California’s largest lake and is considered a reservoir for state crops. It is normal for lake levels to vary throughout the year, especially during fluctuations between wet and dry seasons. Rainfall, and the winter snowpack, are key for restoring water levels to normal, which historically have been 1000+ feet above elevation when full. Record keeping of the lake levels began back in 1976. May 2022 levels were the lowest levels seen to date, causing critical concern regarding the pending summer season. Thankfully, the predictions turned out a bit better than expected, so let’s talk about what the current levels are like next.  

Historic vs. Current Water Levels of the Lake 

No matter where you live, the words drought and climate change are more than likely not unfamiliar, and unfortunately, Shasta Lake’s location is no exception. The lake is actually a bit higher in water levels this summer than it was last summer because the dam is letting out 25% of the water supply to help keep a steady flow moving into the lake. Heavier rainfall early in the year also helped push the lake to levels higher than last year. The best news is that boating will not be prohibited in summer 2022.  

So, you can plan to boat your entire vacation, woohoo! The marinas and shoreline are also open so that you can enjoy whatever else you have planned.  

The lowest lake levels–expected by September and the rest of Fall 2022–will be down around 150 feet.  

Precautions to Take  

With low water levels, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and know the depths for boating and swimming safety purposes. Lower levels can expose sandbars, trees, and rocks, which can pose dangers while boating or swimming.  

Currently, there are no major concerns about the lake levels and everything is open and operating as normal. Check the lake levels every day before you head out, though, so that you can be prepared and plan accordingly.  

What to Expect! 

Despite lower water levels, you can still have fun and enjoy a safe vacation at Shasta Lake. There is a refund guarantee should the water level estimates turn out differently than predicted. 

Plus, boating is not all Shasta Lake has to offer. From hiking and sightseeing to off-roading and golfing and more, there are endless things to do. You deserve to enjoy yourself and all planned vacation activities, so don’t let lower water levels stop you from booking a great vacation today! Contact us now.