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Shasta Lake: Romantic Shasta Lake Getaway

Shasta Lake: Romantic Shasta Lake Getaway
A joyful scene at Bridge Bay Resort, featuring two couples dressed in white shirts, sharing laughter and happiness.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway, there’s no better destination in Northern California than Shasta Lake. Well-known as one of the most pristine and largest lakes in the Western United States, Shasta Lake literally offers miles of room to go around.

With ample privacy, fun activities, and plenty of opportunities to simply cozy up as a couple and take in the stunning views, Shasta Lake is perfect.

Plan Your Getaway

Now is a good time for couples to plan an escape to Shasta Lake. The area is temperate enough for easy cruising during the day and curling up with a blanket and a glass of wine at night.

Best of all, with value season rates coming up in the Fall for lodgings and houseboats, couples can enjoy a quieter destination as well as substantial savings along the way.

So, if you want to boost the romance in your upcoming Shasta Lake getaway, consider these tips and activities that will make your retreat even more enchanting and enticing for you and your partner.

Start with a Houseboat

The great thing about staying in a houseboat is it allows you to spend lots of time together reconnecting, without the stresses of life back home.

Because everything you require is already onboard, which includes living areas, bedrooms, a kitchen, and plenty of deck space, you can relax and truly unwind as a couple, without outside distractions.

Plan a Waterfront Dinner

No getaway is complete without a romantic meal, and when it comes to waterfront dining experiences, couples will find that Shasta Lake has plenty of enticing options.

Head to land and enjoy a sunset-timed dinner at The CookHouse, one of the region’s top-rated waterfront eateries, or plan a picnic on a desolate shoreline, complete with a campfire and extra blankets for when the sun goes down.

Reserve Plenty of Deck Time

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time on your spacious houseboat deck and taking in the views, so ensure you have everything you need to relax and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets on a daily basis.

Bring along accompaniments like:

  • A bottle of wine or champagne
  • A cheese or fruit plate
  • Beach towels or warm throws for chillier nights
  • A couple of extra deck pillows to curl up in comfort and style

Have a New Adventure

Experiencing something new can bring couples closer together, so be sure you plan a few on-shore or on-the-water activities that you both can enjoy.

Rent a Waverunner for the day to zip along the lake waters, or plan a day trip to Castle Crags, the Shasta Dam, or the Subway Caves. By embarking on a new adventure, you’ll create a lifetime of memories together.

Make It a Surprise

If you want to boost the romance factor truly, then surprise your loved one with a Shasta Lake getaway! From long weekends to a full week or more of fun, a Bridge Bay Houseboat is the perfect vehicle to relax.

You can also discover everything this gorgeous and popular destination has to offer. So find a weekend or week that works for you both, drop a couple of hints, schedule a romantic escape you’ll both treasure for years to come.

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