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Shasta Lake Fishing – Big Bass, Trout, and Catfish!

Shasta Lake Fishing – Big Bass, Trout, and Catfish!

There are endless ways to stay entertained on Shasta Lake, but one of the most popular on-the-water activities for visitors of all ages is fishing.

With miles of water, secretive coves and fishing holes, and plenty of remote locations to drop a line, fishing can be an everyday adventure that provides unforgettable memories – and hopefully some huge catches – for everyone in your vacationing crew.

In fact, anglers come from all over the West Coast to try their luck at landing the big bass, trout, and catfish that call Shasta Lake home. And it’s easy to step aboard a houseboat or smaller vessel, grab a pole, and dive right in.

So if you’re new to the Shasta Lake fishing scene, and aren’t sure what you need to know to join in the fun, start with this easy guide that outlines all the basics of exceptional Shasta Lake fishing.

What You’ll Catch Fishing

Shasta Lake is renowned for tasty gamefish species including trout, bass, and catfish, but what you’ll catch is generally dependent on the time of year, and includes these popular species.


Winter is known for German brown trout and crappie, and anglers may also reel in catfish and bass as well.


Expect a nice variety of catches in the warmer spring months, including German browns, rainbow trout, large and smallmouth bass, catfish and crappie.


The fishing heats up in the summer! This is when you’ll reel in plenty of large and smallmouth bass, catfish and crappie, as well as a few trout in deeper waters.


As the weather cools, expect solid trout fishing, as well as scattered bass, catfish and crappie.

What You’ll Need

Don’t have an arsenal of fishing gear handy? No problem at all. Our local marina store is supplied with everything you’ll need to reel in the big catches while you’re on vacation.

This includes:

  • Rods and reels
  • Bait and tackle
  • Ice to keep your catches nice and cold

Remember that you’ll also need a fishing license before you drop a line! Two-day, 10-day and year-round licenses are available, and can also be easily picked up before you hit the water.

Open Water Vantage Point

Though there are hundreds of miles of shoreline at Shasta Lake, the best way to reel in the big catches is from an open water vantage point.

Bridge Bay Houseboats has a number of smaller vessels that are ideal for fishing day trips, and our expansive houseboats are equipped with everything you’ll need to enjoy multiple days of fishing fun.

Weather Counts

Where you’ll find the fish may depend on the weather as well! In the summer months, many species are close to the surface, so a little slow trolling can yield some big results.

In the winter, the fish head to deeper waters, so downriggers and other depth control devices may help you find the best catches.

Take Your Time

As a general rule of thumb, the longer you fish, the better your chances of reeling in the big one. So go ahead and turn a fishing trip into a full-fledged vacation!

With a myriad of houseboats that can accommodate families and fishing parties of all sizes, it’s easy to plan an enticing getaway that revolves around the great fishing at Shasta Lake.

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