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First-Timer Shasta Lake FAQs: 8 You Need to Know!

First-Timer Shasta Lake FAQs: 8 You Need to Know!
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If you’re new to Shasta Lake, new to renting a houseboat, or new to all the above, then chances are you have questions! A distinct and wholly unique way to vacation, relaxing on a houseboat is the best way to enjoy a relaxing getaway.

On a houseboat, you’ll have:

  • Ample time with the family
  • Waterfront views in all directions
  • Endless opportunities to have fun
  • Time to explore favorite natural destinations

So, before you make a reservation, let’s review eight commonly asked FAQs.

1. How Do I Book a Stay?

Booking a Bridge Bay houseboat vacation is a simple! You can easily make reservations online with just a few clicks. And our knowledgeable Reservation Agents are always happy to answer any questions.

2. How Many Folks Can Come?

The great thing about our houseboats is that they are large, roomy, and can accommodate plenty of loved ones!

Our largest houseboats can sleep up to 13 guests and feature two bathrooms, a kitchen, quiet decks and sleeping areas, and even a waterslide!

Smaller parties of 8-10 people can also be easily and comfortably accommodated in some of our slightly smaller vessels, like the Summit or the Cascade. Click here for more info on boats available!

3. Will You Provide Instructions and Safety Info?

Yes! When you first arrive, you’ll have a detailed but comprehensive 1-2-hour orientation, which is dependent on your specific questions, as well as your houseboat experience.

This initial session will ensure that you have all the info you need and will provide plenty of peace of mind for a vacation that’s smooth sailing from start to finish.

4. Is There a Quiet Place to Anchor at Night?

An enticing aspect of 300-mile Shasta Lake is that there are plenty of private and secretive coves where you can enjoy miles of peace and a good night’s sleep.

Remember, we are happy to provide tips on where to go and what to see during your easy-going vacation travels on the water.

5. Do I Need a CA Boater Card?

Everyone under the age of 25 must have a CA boater card to drive a vessel on Shasta Lake.

6. Can I Bring a Pet?

Yes! Pets are family members too, after all, and are welcome aboard your houseboat.

7. How Much Gas Will I Need?

Though it varies, expect to use about 6-8 gallons of gas per hour, depending on the size of your vessel, your traveling speed and distance, the weight of your vessel, and the weather conditions.

There are ample marinas with fuel throughout the Shasta Lake region.

8. Why is a Houseboat a Great Way to Vacation?

The answers to this question are endless! On a houseboat, you have miles of on-the-water fun at your fingertips, as well as a brilliant setting, ample family time, and continual opportunities to relax and enjoy the view.

From your first launch into Shasta Lake to your last night under the stars, a houseboat supplies a simply unforgettable vacation experience.

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Vacationing onboard a Bridge Bay Houseboat is an experience to remember forever. With Bridge Bay Houseboats, it’s easy to have a worry-free stay all vacation long. Contact us today!

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