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Seasons Change But Plans Don’t Have To

Seasons Change But Plans Don’t Have To

Ah, the fall and winter seasons are upon us. Shasta Lake is a gorgeous venue for special events, family vacations, and more. The trees have burst with autumn colors. The air is cool and crisp. Just because the seasons have changed from bikini to sweater weather doesn’t mean there aren’t still dozens of fun activities to do. They’ve simply changed with the times. The truth is, the weather is often impeccable, the lake stunning, and the opportunities endless. So, without further ado, check out all there is to do this fall and winter at Shasta Lake in Redding, California!  

Things to Do and See During Fall and Winter at Shasta Lake  

  • Fall is notorious for its gorgeous colors, and Shasta Lake sees no shortage of foliage. Check out the best foliage in and around Mount Shasta 
  • Christmas light tours – ditch the minivan at the campground and let someone else do the driving so everyone can enjoy seeing the holiday lights in the best spots! No planning, just sign up and enjoy.  
  • Fishing lasts throughout the winter! Just because it’s cold and wet doesn’t mean you can’t layer up and take the boat out for some decent fishing opportunities.  
  • Snowshoe at Castle Crags State Park. 
  • Hike or ski at Mount Shasta.  
  • Take a dinner cruise! You may not be able to sunbathe or hit the water for some swimming, but you can still enjoy the lake by boat while being served excellent wine and food! 
  • Walk through the Redding Garden of Lights which runs several weeks from November to January. Get your tickets early so you have a guaranteed spot to see the lights and wonderful artistic displays in the gardens.  
  • Eat at local cafés, which are easy to spot because the town is so small and cozy! 
  • Explore the town in peace – summer is the peak season, so fall and winter are the best times of the year to visit without crowds.  
  • Plan a romantic getaway or picnic by the lake.  

And if you don’t see activities you like to do on this list, reach out to us and we can see about helping to make it happen. Fall and winter don’t have to be boring or isolated. Vacation is just a click away.  

Rent a Houseboat and Enjoy Vacay with Bridge Bay 

No matter the time of year, there’s always something to do for everyone at Shasta Lake. You can take your trip with friends, family, or pets, or even do it solo. Bring your camera, pack your blankets and layers, and put on your explorer hat. Or, bring that book you’ve been planning on reading all summer and curl up around a campfire. Shasta Lake is the perfect fall and winter getaway destination for short- or long-term vacations and those who love the outdoors.  Plus, when you go during the fall or winter, there are no bugs!  

What good is a fall or winter getaway without unique lodging opportunities? Book a houseboat and enjoy the experience of a lifetime at Shasta Lake and Bridge Bay Marinas