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Kid-Friendly Tips for Houseboat Getaways

Kid-Friendly Tips for Houseboat Getaways
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Houseboating vacations are designed to be a family affair. There is ample room onboard for everyone in the crew.

There are plenty of opportunities to unplug, unwind, and just enjoy each other’s’ company. A houseboating getaway is an ideal kid-friendly family vacation in more ways than one.

It can take kids time to get used to new sleeping and living arrangements when on vacation. So before you board, consider these tips to ensure everyone enjoys a comfortable and enchanting houseboat getaway.

Find a Vessel with Kid-Friendly Amenities

Did you know Bridge Bay’s houseboats have a host of amenities, including a few eye-catching extras that kids adore?

Our popular Grand Sierra houseboats have a fleet of features that families of all ages love, which includes:

  • A swimming platform and ladder
  • Ample shaded decks and safety attributes
  • A water slide

Pick a vessel that has lots of ways to make kids smile! You’ll find they will have plenty of fun all vacation long.

Set the Sleep Assignments Early

Avoid any confusion when you first reserve your houseboat by planning your sleeping arrangements early. Luckily, all of Bridge Bay Marina’s houseboats have detailed descriptions.

These descriptions include floor plans of the vessel’s layout so you can decide who should sleep where. That way, you’ll avoid any arguments or miscommunications when it’s time to depart on your trip.

Have Rainy Day Activities Onboard

Shasta Lake is known for its exceptional climate and moderate temperatures. However, the occasional rainy day can occur and can put a hamper on outdoor activities.

As such, it’s a smart move to pack along kid-friendly:

  • Extra games
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Other entertainment options

Best of all, by bringing along extra games and projects, you can enjoy plenty of family activities rain or shine, such as a family game night or a family endeavor to create a scrapbook or other art project to treasure in the years to come.

Bring Along the Comforts of Home

Children – and especially younger children – can be a little intimidated when they first sleep in a brand new environment, and this is true regardless of your vacation destination.

So make the transition to a new bed a little easier by bringing along comfortable and familiar bedtime toys and amenities that instantly feel familiar.

A favorite blanket, stuffed animal, book, or other treasured bedtime item can go a long way in ensuring that kids feel right at home when it’s time to go to sleep.

A houseboat vacation is an ideal trip for families, simply because it gives everyone onboard so many activities to enjoy and so many ways to stay connected.

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From family outings to local attractions, to enjoying long and sunny days just splashing around, your family will quickly discover that there’s no shortage of ways to have fun once you are exploring Shasta Lake!

And with a little careful planning and a great houseboat, you’ll create family memories that will be treasured long after your vacation is over. Contact us today!

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